Syria Demands Compensation For Oil And Gas Stolen By The United States At The UN

The war against Syria is an attempt by the West to maintain control over the world. Now, Syria is demanding compensation for oil and gas stolen by the United States at the UN.

Syria Demands Compensation For Oil And Gas Stolen By The United States At The UN

Syria’s top diplomat made a rare appeal to the U.N. General Assembly in New York, demanding recompense for the oil and gas the United States had wrongfully taken from his country as well as for the enormous energy losses incurred during the 11-year conflict.

Speaking to the assembly on Monday, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said that “the war against Syria, ultimately, was an attempt by the West to maintain control over the world.” He also demanded that the ongoing US military occupation of the region’s oil- and gas-rich northeast “end immediately, without conditions.”

He told the UN’s top officials that the crisis has cost the oil and gas industry $107 billion in “direct and indirect” losses, emphasizing further that Damascus is seeking restitution.

“Fighting terrorism does not happen through an illegitimate international coalition that violates Syria’s sovereignty and destroys towns and villages,” Mekdad asserted. According to him, any “counterterror” operation or foreign presence on Syrian territory must be coordinated directly with the president, Bashar al-Assad.

Whereas the Biden administration has opted to emphasize an ongoing counter-terrorism role, the hundreds of American forces stationed in eastern Syria during the Trump administration years were there to “secure the oil” as Trump has frequently repeated. And yet, the biggest and most significant oil and gas fields in the area are still under the control of US soldiers and their Kurdish SDF proxies.

Turkey is on edge as Russia, which has long urged for the prompt withdrawal of American forces, recently looked to ratchet up its air campaign against Idlib’s anti-government Islamist factions. Meanwhile, intermittent strikes on US bases have apparently been carried out by pro-Iranian militias.

Ironically, only last week, in his presentation to the UNGA, President Joe Biden said “you cannot seize another country’s territory by force. The only country doing that is Russia.”

The obvious was then quickly brought up by several pundits, who noted that while Biden criticized Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine, he was entirely ignorant of America’s protracted occupation of Syria. Or, alternatively, Washington is undoubtedly aware of this and thinks it is the only nation in the world with the “right” or “mandate” to occupy any foreign territory it chooses.

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  1. Speaking of the core tenets of the United Nations Charter [Biden clip] and the right to self determination …

    “For nearly two decades the Germans, as well as the various other nationalities in Czechoslovakia, have been maltreated in the most unworthy manner, tortured, economically destroyed, and, above all, prevented from realizing for themselves also the right of the nations to self-determination. All attempts of the oppressed to change their lot failed in the face of the brutal will to destruction of the Czechs. The latter were in possession of the power of the State and did not hesitate to employ it ruthlessly and barbarously. England and France have never made an endeavor to alter this situation
    I recognize gratefully that at last, after 20 years, the British Government, represented by Your Excellency [Chamberlain], has now decided for its part also to undertake steps to put an end to a situation which from day to day, and, indeed, from hour to hour, is becoming more unbearable. For if formerly the behavior of the Czechoslovak Government was brutal, it can only be described during recent weeks and days as madness. The victims of this madness are innumerable Germans. In a few weeks the number of refugees who have been driven out has risen to over 120,000. This situation, as stated above, is unbearable, and will now be terminated by me.
    I have, with the best intentions and in order to give the Czech nation no justifiable cause for complaint, proposed – in the event of a peaceful solution – as the future frontier, the nationalities frontier which I am convinced represents a fair adjustment between the two racial groups, taking also into account the continued existence of large language islands. I am, in addition, ready to allow PLEBISCITES to be taken in the whole territory which will enable subsequent corrections to be made, in order-so far as it is possible-to meet the real will of the peoples concerned. I have undertaken to accept these corrections in advance. I have, moreover, declared myself ready to allow this PLEBISCITE> to take place under the control either of international commissions or of a mixed German-Czech commission. I am finally ready, during the days of the PLEBISCITE, to withdraw our troops from the most disputed frontier areas, subject to the condition that the Czechs do the same. I am, however, not prepared to allow a territory which must be considered as belonging to Germany, on the ground of the will of the people and of the recognition granted even by the Czechs, to be left without the protection of the Reich.
    As much in the interest of the tortured, because defenseless, population as well as with regard to the duties and prestige of the Reich, it is impossible for us to refrain from giving immediate protection to this territory.
    Your Excellency assures me that it is now impossible for you to propose such a plan to your own Government. May I assure you for my part that it is impossible for me to justify any other attitude to the German people; since, for England, it is a question at most of political imponderability, whereas, for Germany, it is a question of primitive right of the security of more than 3 million human beings and the national honor of a great people.
    I fail to understand the observation of Your Excellency that it would not he possible for the Czech Government to withdraw its forces so long as they were obliged to reckon with possible invasion, since precisely by means of this solution the grounds for any forcible action are to he removed. Moreover, I cannot conceal from Your Excellency that the great mistrust with which I am inspired leads me to believe that the acceptance of the principle of the transfer of Sudeten Germans to the Reich by the Czech Government is only given in the hope thereby to win time so as, by one means or another, to bring about a change in contradiction to this principle. For if the proposal that these territories are to belong to Germany is sincerely accepted, there is no ground to postpone the practical resolution of this principle.”
    [end of above excerpt]
    – Adolf Hitler – letter in response to Chamberlain – September 23, 1938 – re Sudetenland

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