Swiss Bankers Charged With Hiding Putin’s Millions

According to a copy of the indictment that was provided to the Financial Times, Swiss bankers were charged with hiding Putin’s millions without questioning the origin of the funds.

Prosecutors in Switzerland have charged four bankers with helping to hide tens of millions of Swiss francs (tens of millions of dollars) on behalf of Vladimir Putin, in one of the first court cases in the West to directly involve assets allegedly belonging to the Russian president.

The four individuals were employees of Gazprombank’s Swiss subsidiary, and include its chief executive, Roman Abdulin.

President Vladimir Putin presents a medal to cellist Sergei Roldugin at the Kremlin in 2016.  AP

According to an indictment – a copy of which was provided to the Financial Times by a court in Zurich – the bankers were criminally negligent in allowing accounts to be opened in Switzerland on behalf of Sergei Roldugin, a cellist and the godfather to Mr Putin’s daughter, without questioning the origin of the funds flowing through them.

“It is notorious that Russian President Putin officially has an income of just over 100,000 Swiss francs and is not wealthy, but in fact has enormous assets managed by people close to him,” the indictment says. “Roldugin … [was] a straw man.”

According to images shared on social media last month, Putin has installed missile systems on Moscow rooftops.

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