Survival Shelter Companies Waiting For Collapse Of Society

The Fortitude is one of the many survival shelter companies waiting for the collapse of society, with its founder, Drew Miller, saying its purpose is to ensure the safety of its inhabitants during a societal disintegration.

Set against a rocky slope, Fortitude Ranch resembles almost any other desert grange scattered along the barren highway in northwestern Nevada, far from any city or town.

On this 174-acre privately owned spread are free-roaming cattle, pens for raising sheep and chickens, a main house, and other living quarters under construction.

The ranch has good soil for growing crops, fruit-bearing trees, natural springs for gardening and livestock, and austere, rolling mountains on either side of the highway for cover.

Here, the resemblance ends.

The new Viking Lodge survival shelter is a work in progress at Fortitude Ranch Nevada on March 2, 2023. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

Fortitude Ranch is anything but your typical farmstead. Its founder, Drew Miller, said its purpose is to ensure the safety of its inhabitants during a societal disintegration.

“Our design is to survive any collapse,” Miller said. “We define a collapse as no functioning economy and widespread loss of law and order.”

It could take any form: a bird flu pandemic with heavy casualties, an economic depression, a world war, or global famine resulting in civil unrest and death.

A Question of Survival

During such a scenario, Miller said, “some people will just stay at home and starve to death.”

Others won’t go quietly into the twilight of civilization.

“A lot of people will say, ‘You know what? I will go out and steal food from my neighbor and do what I can to keep my family alive.”

Miller said this group poses a significant risk to the prepared.

Public Health England, in a report released in September 2021, has quantified the costs of gambling to UK society.

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