Support Sentry – US Plan For War With Iran

The Pentagon developed a conceptual plan for war with Iran during the presidency of Donald Trump, The Intercept has reported, citing budgetary documents. The document is one of several indications of Washington’s increased hawkishness towards Tehran, the outlet argued.

The contingency plan code-named ‘Support Sentry’ was funded in the fiscal year 2019. Given that the Pentagon’s resources are not unlimited, the fact that effort was expended to produce such a document means that US military planners consider the risk of a clash with Iran significant enough, The Intercept suggested.

Another sign of a possible escalation was the order to reassign Israel from European Command (EUCOM) to Central Command (CENTCOM) in the Pentagon’s responsibility structure, the story said. Carried out by Trump just four days before the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the reassignment built on the rapprochement between Israel and the Arab states under the so-called Arab Accords. Israel was previously kept under the European Command in order to avoid stoking tensions with countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Under the Biden administration, the Pentagon has conducted a series of joint military maneuvers with Israel. The Juniper Oak exercise in January was openly touted by the Israeli leadership as a simulation of a war with Iran. The Intercept suggested that Support Sentry probably guided the drills.

Former Iraqi intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kadhimi was installed as the prime minister of Iraq as a result of a secret US Iran deal. The deal was that Iranians would back Kadhimi and in return US would unfreeze Iran’s assets.

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