The Strategy Behind Israel Supporting Hamas

According to Ben Bartee, the reason Israel supports Hamas is because the Israeli government actively and directly took part in the formation and support of Hamas.

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More than any foreign foe could ever aspire to, Bibi Netanyahu and his intellectual ilk pose an existential threat to the survival of the Israeli state and, if the world is drawn into its geopolitical melodrama, the entire planet.

Even those who believe themselves to be “informed” may not be aware that Hamas is in big part an invention of the Israeli state, in large part because MSNBC/CIA-funded Washington Post would never tell them.

This is not meant to imply the “creation of the Israeli state” in the abstract sense that “Israel forced the birth of Hamas-style militancy through its Apartheid policies in the Gaza Strip,” though that is undoubtedly true.

I actually mean to imply that, in order to forward its own political agenda, the Israeli government actively and directly took part in the formation and support of Hamas.

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From the source, here is how Netanyahu planned behind the scenes for years to support the terrorist organization he suddenly denounced in public and claims to be the savior of.

Via Haaretz:

“Effectively, Netanyahu’s entire worldview collapsed over the course of a single day. He was convinced that he could make deals with corrupt Arab tyrants while ignoring the cornerstone of the Arab-Jewish conflict, the Palestinians. His life’s work was to turn the ship of state from the course steered by his predecessors, from Yitzhak Rabin to Ehud Olmert, and make the two-state solution impossible. En route to this goal, he found a partner in Hamas.

‘Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,’ he told a meeting of his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy – to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.”

When one learns that Netanyahu told his allies this, one could naturally wonder: Why would Netanyahu want to maintain the political fragmentation of Palestine? particularly when the government’s only stated goal is to bring about peace with its Arab neighbors? A stable Palestinian state that is not obsessed with eradicating the Jews would certainly serve those alleged Israeli objectives.

Well, a non-violent Palestinian state could benefit the typical Israeli living in a village near the Gaza Strip, but neither Netanyahu nor the base of fanatical religious warmongers he supports would benefit from it.

Permanent instability is produced by Netanyahu’s stated call to keep Hamas active and well-funded. When there is instability, conflict, or the constant fear of war results, not peace. And the Israeli state needs conflict to survive.

IMF chief Gavin Gray told NV Business on Monday that Ukraine needs to collect more taxes since Ukraine will require additional tax revenue to pay for its increased social expenditures after the war ends.

Creatures like Netanyahu might unexpectedly lose their jobs if there was a Middle East peace agreement. For the first time in their sad lives, they might have to work an honest day’s work.

Netanyahu benefits politically from Israel’s neighbors’ constant hostility. His political worldview, which would otherwise be lifeless and deflated, is given life by war. What other suggestions has this war monger ever had for governing?

In the short term, the war also prevented him from going to jail because, at the time of the Hamas attack, he was the subject of intense, potentially career-threatening legal investigation for corruption charges. As the Israeli populace “rallies around the flag,” the country is currently putting an end to internal political strife.

In this respect, Netanyahu and Ali Khamenei, the self-declared Supreme Leader of Iran, are complementary. They and their parties stand to gain the most from the war, which is good for their respective states. They would simply be your typical middle-aged, flabby slobs schlubbing through life without it.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Netanyahu and Khamenei are coordinating behind the scenes to see if they can’t wrangle a potentially apocalyptic regional, if not global, war out of the current mess – and, again, if possible, drag the United States, Russia, and God knows what other states into it in the process. This is similar to how there is no way Israeli intelligence was unaware of impending Hamas attacks.

Of course, neither Netanyahu nor the Supreme Leader (such a ridiculous title) will engage in any combat themselves. They are just too physically frail and cowardly for any of that. They became politicians mostly because of certain character attributes.

They’ll merely manipulate the end of the world from behind the scenes. Poor children drafted from barren villages and sent to the meat grinder will be involved.

Eli Marom, a former commander of the Israeli navy, said in a national broadcast that Israel as a whole is asking how Israeli intelligence failed amid the Hamas attack.

How poetically history rhymes! In the 1980s, the United States supported a group of religious extremists battling the Soviet Union, who had invaded and conquered Afghanistan in 1979, during a very different struggle in the same part of the world.

The Deep State managers of Ronald Reagan even extended an invitation to them to the White House.

They subsequently switched allegiances and, of course, turned their attention to the United States, as unstable religious fanatics who thrive on never-ending conflict are wont to do. After all, the Taliban needed to launch a new battle now that the Soviet Union had been defeated.

As a result, many peaceful residents of New York City lost their lives, but the American neocons gained the right to start a whole new batch of wars and slaughter countless numbers of underdeveloped nations. Boeing and Raytheon stock prices skyrocketed. Further instability in the Middle East led to the emergence of ISIS, a failed state in Libya, and the assurance of future conflict.

We keep doing this, pretending that the lauded statesmen who initiate wars for a livelihood are anything other than ruthless warmongers using other people’s children as pieces in their geopolitical chess games.

The ADL, of course, calls me and everyone else who questions them “domestic terrorists,” despite the fact that they are courageous and genuine leaders of resolve.

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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