STEVE CLEMONS – Biden’s Man In China

A Politico article reported that Joe Biden pointed out Steve Clemons to then-Chinese Vice President Li Yuancho as “a very important man,” which suggests that Clemons is Biden’s man in China.

Who is Steve Clemons? No, really — who is he? Or better yet, who is he working for?

In my last post I provided evidence that Steve Clemons, now at Semafor, previously at The Atlantic Magazine and The Hill, was Joe Biden’s pet journo. Now there’s evidence that he was involved in the ObamaBiden Wuhan Virus pandemic psyop.

From day one.

As I have previously reported, it’s my belief the Wuhan Virus pandemic psyop became a work in progress for Team ObamaBiden in December 2013 after a suspicious, one-on-one meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in Beijing.

And Steve Clemons was there — in control of the information flow to the media.

Not only was he there, but in an odd turn of events, Joe Biden pointed him out to then-Chinese Vice President Li Yuancho as being “a very important man.”

So was Biden acknowledging a fact about Clemons he secretly knew to be true? Or was that Joe Biden manipulating a fawning journalist with public flattery?

Hard to say. Could be both.

Here’s a screenshot of a Politico article about that quote. And since I was also there, I’ll give some context to what I now know of what seemed at the time to merely be a Joe Biden throwaway comment.

But before I do that, I have to give credit to some truth tellers who led me to this discovery. First is Garrett Ziegler and the Marco Polo group. It was their mention of Steve Clemons in the Report on the Biden Laptop, with its invaluable footnotes, that cracked the case.

Second is War Room Executive Editor Natalie Winters who two years ago wrote a revealing storyon Clemons’ ties with the Chinese Communist Party and then another on how in a 2017 Clemons’ interview of Anthony Fauci, the former head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was bragging about hiring Chinese scientists for research. Natalie is the Cobra attack helicopter of MAGA journalism, and she’s always on target. These stories are alarming — especially the one on Fauci.

So thanks Garrett and Natalie. Now here’s my eyewitness account of working alongside Steve Clemons as Joe Biden’s stenographer.

Taiwan’s semi-official Central News Agency reported on Monday that the U.S. now has 200 military advisors in Taiwan.

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