COVID Vaccines Contaminated With Stainless Steel And Rubber Fragments Are Killing People In Japan

According to numerous shocking reports, COVID vaccines found to be contaminated with stainless steel and rubber fragments are killing people in Japan. Pink, white and black substances were also found floating in the vials.

COVID Vaccines Contaminated With Stainless Steel And Rubber Fragments Are Killing People In Japan

Several cities in Japan have reported ‘white-colored floating substances’ in Vials of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, according to Bloomberg.

The vials came from lot FF5357, where white contaminants were first reported by Kamakura City in Kanagawa prefecture.

On Tuesday, two more cities – neighboring Sagamihara and Sakai City in Osaka prefecture reported contaminated vials, however there were no reports of adverse reactions.

In Sagamihara, white substances were reported at three different vaccination sites on Sept. 11, 12 and 14.

The cities told Bloomberg that they will ask Pfizer for an analysis.

Last month Moderna came under fire after black contaminants were found in multiple vials of their Covid-19 vaccine in Japan, causing the Japanese Ministry of Health to pull 1.6 million doses of the vaccine.

According to NHK, “black substances” were found in syringes and a vial, while pink substances were spotted in a different syringe.

Atleast three men have died in Japan after receiving an injection from one of the batches of Moderna vaccines since recalled after contaminants were found in some of them, though authorities say no causal link has yet been found.

Contaminants believed to be pieces of rubber fragments from vial stoppers that entered the vaccine liquid due to incorrectly inserted needles were found in Okinawa, Gunma and Kanagawa in late August and early September.

In another case Japanese authorities had suspended use of three batches of Moderna shots containing 1.63 million doses after an investigation found stainless steel contaminants in some vials.

Moderna said the stainless steel contamination probably occurred during production.

The most probable cause of contamination was related to friction between two pieces of metal in the machinery that puts stoppers on the vials, Moderna said in the joint statement with Takeda. The material was confirmed to be stainless steel.

The contamination issue gained more attention after the health ministry said that two men, aged 38 and 30, died in August within days of receiving their second Moderna doses. Each had received a dose from one of the suspended lots.

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  1. In a sane society those involved would be arrested for murder and the corporation itself would be fined out of existence. Fortunately for Big Pharma we don’t live in a sane society.

  2. There can be no excuses made for the fact that big pharma is (and has been doing so for decades) putting their profits before the health and safety of those they are manufacturing ‘medicines’ for. We need a law that says in order for something to be truly a medicine, it can contain no toxic materials and have no negative side effects. THIS is why people want socialized medicine, maybe, just maybe if we take the profit mongers out of the equation we can at long last get decent medical care.

  3. Born natural, live natural, … die natural. The best solution is to avoid the so-called “Medicine” altogether. High blood pressure or pneumonia will eventually get me in my late 70’s to mid 80’s in all likelihood, … but at least it won’t be an EARLY checkout because of Big Pharma !!!

  4. “The cities told Bloomberg that they will ask Pfizer for an analysis.”

    Lol thats like asking the fox in the hen house to check eggs for cracks in them.

    How stupid can you get…..apparently off the rails.

  5. @Heidi Rodriguez-Preston That was my instant thought as well, like “Independent Lab” never entered their mind ?? I wouldn’t present anything to Pfizer, … except an Independent Lab REPORT !! LOL

  6. @fairlander Don’t get me wrong, in my younger days I was a veritable connoisseur of recreational pharmaceuticals, but for the first 25 years of my adult life I didn’t even have a Dr. of any kind. I never went to any Dr. and I never went to the hospital unless it was a severe issue, like buzzing my fingers on a table saw lol. It wasn’t until after I got injured and needed back surgery and then I was on opiates non stop after that. I never got addicted to them as I see that as a lack of character and a weak constitution and would regularly quit taking them for several days at a time for a Great Reset of the tolerance level and then they would work again just fine. After 18 years on and off the pills and a bit of research into the Rockefeller fake, manufactured Pharma Petroleum industry, I decided enough was enough. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to say NO to prescription refills, so I intentionally sabotaged myself. My first in-person visit after the 2020 lockdown, I snorted a couple grams of free cocaine just a day before my pee test lmao. THAT did the trick real good and Cold Turkey was the order of the day. Now I am in pain daily, but it is nowhere as bad as I thought it would be and I resort to a bowl of weed only about once or twice a month. I still have a couple hundred Morphine pills stashed away, but I figure they will come in handy for trade after TSHTF lol. Or if someone gets a broken arm or leg etc. so they will go into the XL first aid kit-suitcase. After watching relatives who were lifers on Pharma end up with wrecked kidneys, livers, stomachs, hearts, etc. it looked like a high speed trip to an early dead end to me, so I had to ban it completely. I would rather just take my chances and likely live longer than I would have otherwise. I won’t even mention Covid vaccines, except that I have never had a single Flu shot in my whole life, …. and I sure as hell am not going to start Now !!

  7. Fatalist attitude.Many humans live fairly functional lives until mid-90’s.Look into real healing modes via:orthomolecular nutrition,detoxing,herbs,sound healing,northpole neodymium magnets=grounding,medicinal plants such as the many types of trees,Natuve/indigenous healing,,Royal Rife machine,Radiotronics,Yoga,Tai Chi,meditation,structured and imprinted water,Prayer,Suzanne Geisemann videos,Tibetan singingbowls,Reiki,Use of stones/geodes,alkaline/acid balance,progressive relaxation,pressure piints,chiropractic care,TMS,Ott Light therapy,hyperbaric chamber therapy,Nebulizers,hydrogen peroxide use.Namaste :-)!

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