Chunks Of Sperm Whale Wash Up On NYC Streets After Storm Surge

According to a tweet, chunks of a sperm whale washed up on NYC streets after a storm surge.

Chunks Of Sperm Whale Wash Up On NYC Streets After Storm Surge 1

The East Coast was hit by a powerful winter storm on Friday, which caused a storm surge that washed New York City’s streets with what appear to be pieces of a dead sperm whale.

Several images of what seemed to be sperm whale flesh in the street were shared on Twitter by a user in the area of Queens’ Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 116th Street.

On December 13, a sperm whale washed up on Rockaway Beach, and an autopsy was planned for the next day. A necropsy is an autopsy performed on animals that can reveal the reason of death or the severity of the disease.

The Twitter user speculated that some of the dead whale found earlier this month was what New Yorkers were seeing in the streets after a storm surge from heavy rains and strong winds on Friday.

“In one of those ‘Only in Rockaway’ scenarios, it appears parts of the sperm whale that was necropsied last week, is now on Rockaway Beach Blvd and Beach 116th Street,” the user tweeted. “Can’t make this up.”

Chunks Of Sperm Whale Wash Up On NYC Streets After Storm Surge 2
Above, a sperm whale that died after washing up on a beach in England is pictured. Recently, a sperm whale was stranded on a beach in New York and also died, leading to speculation that some of the dead whale was washed into the streets on Friday after a storm surge from heavy rains.

When other Twitter users saw the pictures, they were horrified and appalled, and many of them made speculations about how awful the flesh must have smelled.

“Wow, that is something to see (and smell), I bet,” a user commented. “Right there in the business district of Rock Park!”

Images posted online showed pieces of whale with blubber covering them and scarred skin. Given that they were discovered only a few miles from the spot where the sperm whale was stranded, the parts may have come from the whale that washed up on Rockaway Beach just over a week ago.

The whale, a female sperm whale—a critically endangered species—died on the coast close to Beach 73rd Street. The whale was young, perhaps between 3 and 5 years old, and was already 30 feet long, according to The New York Post.

Sperm whales, an endangered species, may grow to a length of 52 feet and have lifespans of over 70 years.

It was the sixth whale, including two more sperm whales, to become stranded in New York since late October, according to Patch. One sperm whale that was discovered in Southampton had to be put to death. On Gilgo Beach, a second sperm whale became stuck before being released back into the water.

A team of surfers tried to push the most recent beached sperm whale back into the water, but they were unsuccessful.

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