Spanish Climber Leaves Cave After 500 Days In Isolation

Beatriz Flamini, a Spanish climber, has left the cave after successfully spending 500 days in isolation.

A Spanish mountain climber has emerged from a cave 70 metres (230 feet) underground where she spent 500 days isolated from the outside world.

Beatriz Flamini, 50, of Madrid, left the cave in southern Spain shortly after 9am after being told by supporters that she had completed the feat she set out to accomplish on November 21, 2021.

Spanish media said the spell underground set a new world record, but the claim could not be immediately confirmed.

Blinking and smiling as she embraced well-wishers, Flamini’s first words included asking who would be paying for a celebratory round of beers.

In brief comments to journalists, Flamini described the experience of being cut off from the world as “excellent, unbeatable”. She then asked to be excused as she needed a shower, not having had one in more than 16 months.

In 1987, Italian Maurizio Montalbini set a world record by spending 210 days in a cave. Internet searches show reports of a Serb who spent more than 460 days underground in 2016.

Flamini’s pursuit was part of a project called Timecave that was designed to study how someone would fare going solo underground for so long.

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