South African Government Seeks Mandated Tests, Shots And Indefinite Detention In The Name Of ‘Health’

‘Clearly, this is NOT about health. This is about seizing totalitarian control over the lives of We, the People of the World,’ said independent journalist James Roguski. This comment was prompted by the actions of the South African government seeking mandate tests, shots and indefinite detention, all in the name of ‘health.’

South African Government Seeks Mandated Tests Shots And Indefinite Detention In The Name Of ‘Health’

Modifications to South Africa’s National Health Act Regulations are being suggested, and they may create a precedent for totalitarian powers over physical integrity and individual liberties around the world.

The contentious new restrictions were put forth by South Africa’s health minister, Dr. Joe Phaahla, in May using a technique outside of the legislative procedure that would typically need the legislation to pass via the democratic process of Parliament. They just aim to alter the regulations that were included in the Act in 2017, as opposed to changing the Act itself.

The following are the proposed revisions, according to a report from Pretoria News:

  • Permit the detention (in isolation or quarantine) of those who are considered to be positive cases, suspects, or contacts. They will be forced to submit to any medical testing and procedures the government deems necessary, including vaccinations, without their (informed) consent.
  • During a public health emergency of global significance, all travelers entering or leaving South Africa would be required to show proof of immunization or a negative PCR test result.
  • Any individual who is believed to have a communicable disease (when leaving South Africa) [may be] made to undergo a medical examination and placed involuntarily in a facility controlled by the government for quarantine or isolation. The government would have complete control over the manner and timing of any release of individuals under quarantine.
  • Regarding the care of human remains, [the regulations] will make it unlawful to prepare and examine a loved one’s body, as well as to hold night vigils or post-funeral gatherings.
  • [They will also] proclaim any action that the government views a hazard to human health and prohibit ‘overcrowding,’ which it believes may produce an environmental nuisance or jeopardize human health, on any unattractive or illegal premises.

The standard period of time for South Africans to publicly comment on these proposed legislation was till Friday, August 5, and many sources have sounded the alarm for the people of South Africa and the rest of the globe to get involved and make their views known.

In a Substack piece published on August 1, independent journalist James Roguski, who is credited with first reporting on the Biden administration’s proposed modifications to the World Health Organization that would kill freedom, also proclaimed: South Africa must NOT be allowed to fall into medical tyranny!

“Wherever you live on this Earth, I encourage you to speak up in support of the people of South Africa. Medical tyranny will be coming soon to your town unless you wake up and take action NOW,” he wrote.

For more context, Roguski offered a moving seven-minute video of Sabelo Sibanda of South Africa urging his fellow citizens to vehemently oppose these restrictions to the government.

Watch the video below:

Sibanda emphasized that these measures render “this state of disaster, the regulations, permanent” by removing an individual’s right to decline a medical examination, regulated pharmaceuticals, including “vaccine” injections, or their freedom of movement.

“So now the country of South Africa will be under a permanent state of disaster where masking will be permanent, where social distancing is permanent, where control of people at gatherings is also permanent and also the entry in and out of the country,” he said.

“You are now subjected to such draconian laws, and it is a way by which, in the name of health, people’s freedoms are being taken away,” Sibanda said.

Roguski offered a number of ways for anyone to respond quickly. These included the “one-click” petition “Urgent: Help South Africa Stand Against Medical Apartheid” from Children’s Health Defense and the “TYRANNY IS NOT THE NEW NORMAL!” petition from Open Source Truth.

In addition to these recommendations, Roguski urges everyone to write original emails (or utilize a template provided) and send them to the following email addresses:


“Clearly, this is NOT about health. This is about seizing totalitarian control over the lives of We, the People of the World,” Roguski concluded.

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