Sonic Weapons Were Used To Attack Protesters By Australian Police

There seem to be alarming evidence that during the February 12 Canberra Convoy protests, the largest in Australia’s history, Australians were attacked by sonic weapons, as to what seems to be yet another stride towards militarised oppression of legal demonstrations in Australia. If this is the case, the government has launched an atrocious attack on its own citizens.

Sonic Weapons Were Used To Attack Protesters By Australian Police

Some of the symptoms folks are describing could simply be the consequence of prolonged sun exposure and dehydration. There is no evidence that these weapons triggered any short- or long-term health problems, but the revelation that they were present can be enough to create alarm. Are officials attempting to deter peaceful demonstrators from returning? Is it just for the sake of causing fear and uncertainty that they’re deploying these weapons?

Two Australian senators, Malcolm Roberts and Alex Antic, asked Reece Kershaw, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, if such an LRAD (long range acoustic device) had indeed been deployed against demonstrators during a senate committee hearing.

Kershaw initially attempted to deflect Roberts’ inquiry by saying: “[T]hat would be something about police methodology that we would have to look at [as] some sort of public interest immunity claim.”

“Surely it would be in the public interest that they were there,” Roberts responded. Kershaw said he would “have to take that on notice” and seek guidance because he had not received a response.

Antic then showed Kershaw photos of what appeared to be an LRAD machine and asked the same thing, pointing out that LRAD machines are “designed to pitch sound at long range and can cause some pretty serious injury.” The senator then asked: “You can’t confirm, given that photo, that that device was deployed on the day?” The question had been taken into consideration, he was informed from his chair. Kershaw remained defiant.

Later, another senator, Craig Kelly, tweeted that he had asked the Speaker of the House the same question: “Were sonic weapons (Long-Range Acoustic Devices) used against peaceful freedom protesters? And just listen to the ignorant abuse & mindless ridicule that I received for asking this question.”

Australia is going through a difficult period. So-called “public servants” have gotten into the habit of serving the public in the exact opposite way. The odds are stacked against the Australian Federal Police telling the truth about almost anything, much less even resorting to such drastic tactics. Kershaw, having failed to exploit the justification that police procedures must be kept hidden from the public view, no doubt put the question ‘on notice’ to enable his team time to distort and muddy the waters.

Watch the video below:

That isn’t going to be easy. The image displayed by Antic resembles a sonic weapon. Even if it wasn’t switched on, the police were positioned themselves to approach regular Australians demonstrating against the of their civil liberties, particularly the right to make their own health decisions, as hostile combatants. 

It’s just another example of how out-of-control government bureaucracy have eroded basic freedoms in this country. “Police are there to protect and serve the public, not to cause harm to them,” one Twitter user said.

It would be nice if it were the case. The cops have gotten excellent at harming Australian citizens who dare to protest in the previous two years. Battleground Melbourne is a documentary that thoroughly documents how violent they were in my hometown, including the use of armoured vehicles on peaceful demonstrators in the CBD (central business district). Whatever occurred in Canberra seems to be a continuation of the same sort of military mentality.

Watch the video below:

In an effort to conceal the news, the media is faithfully spewing out official propaganda. The charge was dubbed a “conspiracy theory” by the Canberra Times, a hackneyed and increasingly repetitive slur. Anyone who has been paying attention to occurrences over the last two years will have seen that what is labelled a conspiracy almost always turns out to be true soon afterwards.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) confirmed the weapon’s existence but absurdly asserted it was solely used to broadcast communications. Why did Kershaw take the question seriously if it was the case? Why would you use a weapon when a standard PA would suffice? “Claims made by Canberra protesters that the use of the devices caused them to feel ill are likely incorrect,” the ABC added, without providing proof. And they comprehend this how exactly?

There really is no basis to believe anything government officials, the media, public servants, or the police are saying at this juncture. The usage of the weapons has been confirmed by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) police, according to reports. There is overwhelming visual evidence that a weapon was used against participants in Australia’s greatest political protest in history. Several individuals said they felt sick and queasy after taking it, indicating that it was abused. However, the reality that it existed at all demonstrates how deep Australia’s democracy has sunk.

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