Czech Microbiologist Soňa Peková Claims 2nd And 3rd Wave Coronavirus Strain Was Artificially Engineered

Czech Microbiologist Soňa Peková has claimed in an interview that the coronavirus strain which caused the 2nd and the 3rd wave was artificially engineered. According to her, the COVID-19 vaccine may not work for the British coronavirus mutation, and that it is not certain what the vaccine will do in five to ten years. She also admitted that she would not be vaccinated.

Czech Microbiologist Soňa Peková Claims 2nd And 3rd Wave Coronavirus Strain Was Artificially Engineered

The Czech microbiologist Soňa Peková said in an interview for Reflex and reported by the Czech edition of CNN:

“I don’t think the vaccine may work. It was developed against something that no longer exists here. Some say that his vaccine will work for the British strain, but I dare to doubt it.”

“This is mainly based on how many significant mutations this British strain carries and how much heterogeneity (sequence diversity) exists between strains. Vaccines that already exist may have a problem with the strains that are currently circulating here.”

She understands that pharmaceutical companies are bleeding a lot and need a return investment. She also said that there is not enough experience in medicine with genetically modified vaccines in such a revolutionary design as coronavirus vaccines.

“We do not know their long-term safety profile. I would not be afraid of so many immediate effects, but those that can occur in five to ten years. If someone is thirty, it can be a risk. I won’t get vaccinated, “said the microbiologist.

According to her, what has circulated and is circulating in autumn and winter are other strains, other viruses that are not descendants of the spring (virus).

According to her, each wave was caused by a different, new virus and have nothing to do with the spring (virus), which has disappeared. And the British mutation is already the fourth strain in a row.

“The spring virus was the first, the second in September, the third in December and the new one, the British, is the fourth. I would almost exaggerate to say that it was SARS-CoV-2 in the spring, SARS-CoV-3 in September, and SARS-CoV-4 in December until now.”

“And the British mutation should be called SARS-CoV-5. Each wave behaves clinically a little differently, the virus has a different genome, a different program, according to which it is written, “Peková specified.

“If the second or third wave came from the first, we would see the mutations that the virus picked up over time in the viruses of the second and third waves. But this is not the case. I have no idea where they came from, “Peková said.

“But it’s something else. And I don’t know where the cave they are flying from is, “the microbiologist pointed out, adding that the viruses are artificially modified according to her.

“My message has not changed since the spring: Find the cave from which it flies, close it, close its employees and its management. Many say we should prepare for another pandemic. My God, by no means. This must not set a precedent, “Peková said in an interview.

At the same time, she added that the virus does not behave at all the way natural isolates behave.

“It goes beyond everything we’ve ever seen. It’s from a bat and it’s modified to infect humans,” Peková said.

“Let’s just be vigilant, let’s continue to test and objectify what exactly is happening at a given moment,” the microbiologist emphasized.

As reported by GreatGameIndia last year, Chinese officials deleted 300 studies of Batwoman Shi Zhengli from the top secret Wuhan lab linked to the origins of COVID-19. Details of more than 300 studies, including many investigating diseases that pass from animals to humans are no longer available.

Last year a Beijing-based media group Caixin published a shocking report that the Hubei Provincial Health and Medical Commission ordered the destruction of Coronavirus samples.

Five years ago, Italian state owned media Company, Rai – Radiotelevisione Italiana, exposed these Chinese experiments on viruses.

The video, which was broadcast in November, 2015, showed how Chinese scientists were conducting biological experiments on a SARS connected virus believed to be Coronavirus, derived from bats and mice, asking whether it was worth the risk in order to be able to modify the virus for compatibility with human organisms.

The person who covered-up this biological experiments and orchestrated the myth of the natural origin of COVID-19 is Peter Daszak.

The President of EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak is the one who orchestrated the myth that COVID-19 is natural in origin.

Emails obtained by U.S. Right to Know show that a statement in The Lancet authored by 27 prominent public health scientists condemning “conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin” was organized by employees of EcoHealth Alliance.

In COVID-19 Files – the scientific investigation on the mysterious origin of Coronavirus we explore the sources of New Coronavirus from five major areas, including epidemiological investigation, virus gene comparison, cross-species infection research, key “intermediate hosts” and the findings on the Wuhan P4 lab, to provide readers with a deep and completely scientific perspective.

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  1. “She understands that pharmaceutical companies are bleeding a lot and need a return investment. She also said that there is not enough experience in medicine with genetically modified vaccines in such a revolutionary design as coronavirus vaccines.”

    Nailed it right there….this biotechnical antihumanism experiment ( can’t deny this whole vaccine stuff isn’t still in clinical trial stage phase3…because docs say so) needs to stop and the people responsible need to answer to every person who has suffered life long effects or died from it in a court of law.

    This world eugenics pales by comparison of Bolsheviks, Hitler and even genesis of the bible…

  2. She nailed it, hope they don’t get pissed on her.

    Vaccine Mafia has to keep rolling Covid in one form or others or else sure there will be no takers and they will bleed … untill the
    Next Show is ON…! @GGI dig in… , Clu HMRV vac14

  3. Why all these biological warfare are happening now ? Why the timing ? Is it somewhat related to the economic fall of US empire and its currency ? Or is it purely chinese takeover as super power without any involvement of the US govt ? Or the ppl behind one world government finally have all the tools and ppl in place to take over the globe ? How do we protect ourselves from the on-going and up-coming stupidity ?

  4. 3 option.
    World is going digital.
    Data is the new oil.
    Welcome to the new AI Matrix.
    Red pill or the blue pill it does not matter now.
    You can’t as you are at the bottom of the pyramid, just go with the flow and keep eyes open to see it all hidden in plain slight.

  5. Naveen its just an idea so i think mr Jeffrey Epstein and girlfrend Ghislaine Maxwell are maybe a key.
    Even high royals involved and search Epstein in combination wit Zuckerberg or Bill Gates or Disney and adrenochrome and even Mohammed bin Salman and so on.
    But its a theory not truth but it seems a panic attack to keep the attention of them and child abuse.
    Search the mossad connection and in combination with child sex traffic or human organ trade it will open your eyes for real crimes and this virus is in my eyes lab made and woill mutate forever.

  6. And i think you will not believe this stuff i was and are still shocked.
    And i have Jewish blood so researched my heritage but found this.
    Search Jewish occult murders pdf.
    scroll down for more books free download and see the date and understand.
    And even a banned docu.
    And search kosher slaughter on youtube but better bitchute its pure horror sorry.
    And many more books to find for free it explains adrenochrome like the Ritual slaughter or better torture of dying animals in fear making so much adrenaline to harvest thats Jewish and muslim way of eating.
    And its a key to the fountain of youth maybei am still studiying this topic.
    But it must be a connection i feel in my guts and heart crying for justice.
    And it explains the hate or antisemitism expelling them from more than 110 countries in the past.
    Awake now?

  7. And it gets worse.
    Search BSL-4 lab accidents and see Sars was an accident?
    But search race specific bioweapons Israel.
    Our planet is doomed if we fail to stop this together.for the next generation.

  8. Coronamania Quotes – Regarding mentally and morally deranged hypocrites like Dr. Falsie and Bill Gates and people in power who they control (or who control them), their cockamamie face diaper mandates, ‘Lockdowns,’ vaccines, social distancing, etc. and the ever growing public outcry against them and their worthless agendas:

    “Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed.” Isaiah 10:1 in the King James Version
    “Men seldom, or rather never for a length of time and deliberately, rebel against anything that does not deserve rebelling against.” Thomas Carlyle
    “The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.” Frederick Douglass
    “Any general loathing of a gang or sect usually has some sound basis in instinct.” Ezra Pound
    “Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.” Henry David Thoreau
    “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” Henry David Thoreau
    “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” Alexander Lukashenko
    “They will create the virus themselves and will sell you the antidote.” Muammar al Gaddafi
    “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived, and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, pervasive, and unrealistic.” John F. Kennedy.
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Joseph Goebbels (Director of Hitler’s ministry of propaganda)
    “It is by its promise of a sense of power that evil often attracts the weak.” Eric Hoffer
    “Those who fervently seek the annihilation of others are really driven by the longing for self-annihilation.” Emile Durkheim
    “All ambitions are lawful except those that climb upward on the miseries and credulities of mankind.” Henry Ward Beecher
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  9. 333 says no to 666
    Dear Indian friends! At our Czech flag have statement which saying : truth is victorious and symbol of white lion.

    We fighting for healthy common sense.
    In year 2009 our Bio company received flue vaccines from Austrian company ( now owned by pfizer )
    for application to Czech citizens. Our doctors found 2 live flue viruses in that vaccine! one of them had mortality over 60% so we stopped in advance this vaccine going to our citizens and also to outside world and this message was communicated with other countries..many many lifes was saved.

    Doctor Pekova mentioned about 6 months ago that first covid 19 is genetically modified ( USA owns over 30 patents for covid and genetical modifications ) because it will take 800 years to create this fast spread virus naturally. Modification of viruse speeded up the spread and frequency of virus replication….also it causing too many faluts to its dna because its so fast and it simply can`t live too long.
    In Czech Republic is mortality 0.15% , all western vaccines have not finished clinical studies and EU let them finish human testing till 2023! many people died after vaccination. USA corporations are excluded by USA law from facing arbitrage or court case.
    Check america first doctors and thelancet – mrha vaccines causing crazy cow diseas and other serious autoimmunity problems.

    Big Pharma increased their production in past years by 400% , world richest people including Bill Gates who is investor to this companies made 30% profit on this crisis.

    Germany announced zero covid rule , new detenction camps , privatisation of properties , businesses in name of great reset – marxist anti vedic anti buddhist ideology – no race – no family – no gender – no culture – no language – no human – no light of human spirit.

    Covidism is ideology which merge colonialism , nacism , racism , marxism , facism , technocratic , muliticultural lgbt pedo satanism , covid is new god who they warship and they sacrifice all i mentioned above to it …blood , degeneration , restrictions .

    Keep safe . we will win , glory to our cultures TRUTH WILL WIN
    many Czech people study sanskrt as Czech Slawic language still contains over 25% of sanskrt words and its roots….. all our culture was destroyed by western biblical antichristians and our language and our land is what we have left.

  10. All hail to our infamous bat women, however as per the need of the hour we need a bane with the mask on his face…., this is not the end, it’s the beginning… can’t be precise however will leave this instead.
    GGI need to start sending people in future to save tomorrow.

  11. Good questions. I’d add one about the rapid introduction of the virus into the ruling elite of Iran right at the start. This could only be explained as an act of biological warfare against the rulers themselves, given that nothing equivalent happened anywhere else.

    Now, I wonder who in the region has a Level 4 lab, zero accountability, and a desire to destroy Iran???

  12. This is why people like Zuckerburg are allowed to question the gene editing vaccine but you are not:

    Yes I know the video in this next link is over an hour long but please listen to the first 10 minutes as if your very life depends on it:

    In those first 10 minutes you will understand why the EPA is beginning to allow buildings to be turned into gas chambers:

    They plan on killing 250 million by 2025 so that there will be a huge a deficit of slave labor to work places like Bill Gates’ fields!:

    Please ask yourself why is there an independent website tracking 189 country’s military purchases that is forecasting a 70% decrease in the population of the USA by the year 2025:

    America truly is becoming the harlot of Revelation chapter 17 and the mark of the beast is a spiritual choice:

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