Social Media Will Kill Tens Of Millions If Not Fixed Warns Meta Whistleblower

Meta whistleblower Frances Haugen has warned that if social media is not fixed, it could lead to the deaths of tens of millions of people. She cites examples such as Facebook’s role in spreading religious hatred in India.

Mark Zuckerberg and Frances Haugen.Matt McClain-Pool/Getty Images/Andrew Harnik/AP

Frances Haugen, the Meta whistleblower, told The Sunday Times that “tens of millions” will die if social media isn’t overhauled.

She worked at Facebook until 2021, when The Wall Street Journal published documents that she leaked, known as “The Facebook Files.”

They included research reports and employee discussions that showed that the company knew its platforms caused harm.

For example, The Journal reported that Meta downplayed Instagram’s effects on teenagers’ mental health, and Facebook helped spread religious hatred in India.

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Now Haugen has written a memoir in which she says social media is still damaging due to a continued lack of transparency, The Washington Post reported.

Zuckerberg’s Instagram-facilitated massive paedophile network as Instagram’s own algorithms were promoting paedophile content to other paedophiles.

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