Man’s Skin Turns Grey After He Gives Up McDonald’s Burgers And Starts Dieting

Gregory Cole, a 58-year-old New Jersey resident, became ill and noticed his skin changing color after he switched from fast food to diet and exercise, due to the way his body processes sugar.

Man's Skin Turns 'Grey' After He Gives Up McDonald's Burgers And Starts Dieting - Media 1

Cole, who stated that he loved McDonald’s burgers and had previously indulged in that type of fast food, chose to change his lifestyle after suffering a herniated disk and being informed by doctors that he would have to lose weight, according to The Mirror.

When he began dieting and exercising, however, he became exhausted, leading him to believe that he was “working out too much and burning the candle at both ends.”

“I had a good diet, but my energy level got worse and one day, I could barely drag myself out of bed”, he recalled. “My skin turned grey, I had body aches, my rosacea worsened and I was catching colds on a frequent basis – my immunity was compromised. I went to my doctor, who told me my blood work was fine, but my vitamin D level was low”.

Cole sought help from a nutritionist after a neighbor informed him about “the progress she made with her nutritionist,” and it was then that he discovered he had auto-brewery syndrome, which occurs when the body converts sugar into alcohol.

Cole chose to exclude all sugar from his diet after learning of his problem, opting instead for “green vegetables, fish, lamb, and nuts.”

“[After] a year, I returned to optimal health and the majority of my ailments disappeared”, he said. “My energy returned, the brain fog, achiness and bloating went away and my rosacea was cured. For the first time since my teenage years, I felt ecstatic – almost reborn”.

Cole, who weighed roughly 120 kilos at his heaviest, decided to work out and lose weight in order to maintain his health, and after developing an interest in bodybuilding, he won his first competition in October 2018, according to the media site.

“I knew that any goal I set for myself was achievable and that was the day I crowned myself the ‘reinvention king’,” he stated. “I want to inspire other people like me and show that being obese is not a life-long sentence, it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. I hope to educate people, not only about diet and exercise, but about how to achieve optimal health”.

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