Singapore First Country To Stop Counting Daily COVID-19 Cases And Treat It Like Normal Flu

Singapore is planning to become the first country to stop counting COVID-19 cases on a daily basis and just treat it like a normal seasonal Flu.

Singapore First Country To Stop Counting Daily COVID-19 Cases And Treat It Like Normal Flu

The south-east Asian country has recorded just 36 deaths since the start of the pandemic, and officials now want to ditch measures such as counting infection numbers each day.

A blueprint has been laid out by three leading members of Singapore’s Covid-19 taskforce to end 18 months of tough restrictions in order to restore quarantine-free travel and public gatherings.

The hope is to let people “get on with their lives” by scrapping tough rules and instead controlling the virus through other means.

“Instead of monitoring Covid-19 infection numbers every day, we will focus on the outcomes,” the trade, finance and health ministers wrote in a joint op-ed in the Straits Times.

“How many fall very sick, how many in the intensive care unit, how many need to be intubated for oxygen, and so on. This is like how we now monitor influenza.

“We can’t eradicate it, but we can turn the pandemic into something much less threatening, like influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, or chickenpox, and get on with our lives.”

Full details of the roadmap have yet to be revealed, but ministers suggested measures such as breathalyser-style tests, more therapeutic treatments and greater personal responsibility.

Singapore’s proposal could be an early sign of the world starting to live with Covid after more than a year of restrictions across the globe.

Meanwhile, a group of doctors have penned an “urgent open letter” to Singapore’s expert committee on Covid-19 vaccination, calling for the vaccination of youths in Singapore to be stopped until the US CDC clarifies why a teenage jab recipient died.

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    “Breaking News! Brazilian Variant Of Concern-The Gamma Or P.1 Variant Has Further Evolved With A New Mutation And Deletion Found In More Potent Second Generation Variants!
    Source: SARS-CoV-2 Variants Jul 04, 2021 1 day ago
    More good news! The variant of Concern found in Brazil called the P.1 Strain or The gamma Strain has further evolved with its second generation variants now spotting a new mutation and also a deletion on its genome. These new mutations and deletions are making the newly emerging second generation variants even more transmissible and also evasive to the immune system.”

    “Thailand Medical News would also like to add that despite the advent of COVID-19 vaccines and ignorant virologist claiming that the virus will evolve to become weaker or that COVID-19 will become an ordinary endemic phenomena like the flu, the world is in for a rude shock. First SARS-CoV-2 is not going away anytime soon even with vaccines or so called herd immunity projections. Rather the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to last for at least another 6 years or more unless a proper combination of antivirals and therapeutics is identified or developed. A single therapeutic agent will only result in drug resistant strains developing. Also the surges will continue, each time with the advent of one or more potent variants emerging and becoming dominant in circulation and every new surge will result in a greater amount of infections and deaths than the previous. The pandemic will no longer also be a single pathogen that we are dealing with, rather every emerging variant is causing a new pandemic by itself and also we will be faced with a a major global health crisis arising from long COVID where the actual long term health and medical conditions will start to become more apparent including not just neurodegenerative diseases but also a variety of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and oncological manifestations. Existing medical textbooks and protocols will no longer be valid. It is really going to be fun times ahead. Lets hope however that nasty countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, And Singapore (India and Singapore is where many of these American tech companies have their regional offices and where many of their locals are worshipping these filthy white garbage owners!) and nasty people like those from the giant pharmaceutical companies, politicians and the American tech companies and social media platforms and American mainstream media that have been trying to control the COVID-19 narratives will be worst affected!”

  2. There is no Variants even if there was be just 3% from the original Sars because EX VP from Pfizer stated that Covid 19 the Sars Cov2 is 80% like Sars so only 20% different not 100% that has been stated. Now since we know Covid 19 was never ever Isolated and Purified how about the Original Sars was that even Isolated and Purified? 🤔🤔🤔

  3. This is awesome news Singapore first Country to call it as it is just like a normal Flu that going to live with no Draconian measures which better be no Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon injections either. Those who have had it now could be dead in 2 years or sooner which means the longer they live the more deadly contagious they will be around those who refuse to take the deadly injection. Remember how the experts states that second hand smokers are more likely to get Cancer before smokers do that’s why you don’t breathe in the smoke that smokers breathe out. It will be 1000 times worse what’s being transmitted to others. Covid 19 does not kill the Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon injections WILL!!!

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