Danish Health Minister Threatens To Shut Down Society If More People Don’t Get Vaccinated

Even after 75% of the population has been fully vaccinated, Denmark is still experiencing the COVID spike. Now, in order to control the situation, the Danish health minister has asked more and more people to get vaccinated, else the government will “shut down society”.

Danish Health Minister Threatens To Shut Down Society If More People Don’t Get Vaccinated

In the month of May, Denmark suffered the worst COVID spike where the R number was 2.01. It is the highest since January.

Denmark’s total population is 5.8 million out of which 75 percent inhabitants have been fully vaccinated.

It has been a week since Denmark is getting more than 1000 cases daily. More than 85 percent of the population over the age of 12 has been vaccinated.

Now authorities are threatening to “shut down society,” according to opposition party health spokesman Martin Geertsen, if more Danes don’t take the shot.

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“If we are to keep Denmark open, we must have more people get the vaccine,” said Health Minister Magnus Heunicke.

Although the health minister said the vaccine would remain voluntary, he however ominously warned the people to get the jab.

Geertsen said that Heunicke was sending a “completely wild message.” In addition to it, the government was breaking its promise to eliminate lockdowns once a high proportion of the population had been vaccinated.

Last year, Danish authorities tried to pass a law to enforce forced vaccination of anyone, and decided to take the help of police to physically detain people and hold them down while being jabbed. However, this effort was abandoned after mass protests.

Earlier, the Head of Denmark’s Medicines Agency Tanja Erichsen fainted during a live press conference while announcing the halt of AstraZeneca vaccine.

Denmark was the first European country to completely stop using AstraZeneca vaccine for causing cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), a brain blood clot in recipients.

Meanwhile, a major lawsuit has been filed against the PM of Denmark for strict COVID-19 restrictions and for killing almost 17 million minks.

According to the lawsuit, authorities did not recommend a major shutdown, as the PM Mette Frederiksen claimed. It was herself and Barbara Bertelsen, the Prime Minister’s Head of Department, who would send alarm emails with attached articles from the media to the heads of department, creating the panic.

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  1. it is absurd, the injection does not work and they want to inject even more, makes you think that these european people know full well what works and what does not in terms of technology, I mean they are super picky when it comes to this things, but the ones at the top are reasoning in a way very opposite than before, makes you think what they are really want to achieve, it certainly is not immunization or health, as they would have deployed Ivermectin like they did in Uttar Pradesh, but it seems they only want to inject, and that make you think what is really inside those injections, and if its not for health than what is it about?

  2. The “vaccines” apparently make recipients into infection-spreaders. That sets up a spiral where each wave of infections serves to justify more “boosters.” When the global public finally grasps the details, health ministers will need “undisclosed locations.”

  3. Mandates were a terrible idea. It almost feels like this is an exercise by governments and global authorities to see if they can achieve full compliance of the population in the event that there was a really serious pandemic in the future. It would give them all the data necessary to address the problems that arise along the way. It fits with the Event 201 exercise that happened immediately prior to coronavirus being discovered. And if things got too crazy , they could say “Just kidding everyone, it was a simulation but it it’s ok because it was for your own good.” And then most people would probably not feel any animosity. The only thing that doesn’t fit is the loss of taste and smell that people report. I don’t recall that happening with any sickness I’ve had before , so that would suggest it is a new virus and not the old flu.

  4. Denmark’s Minister of Health, working for the NWO psychopaths, threatens to “bring society to a complete halt” if more people are not inoculated a “vaccine” that apparently works “the other way around”.


    Obviously it does not occur to this man to admit that the “vaccine” does not work and some of those cheap, safe and effective cures have to be used instead (or better yet, stop putting Illuminati masons in governments so that all the “variants” are instantly terminated).

  5. And when they have 98% or more vaxxed, …… and they are STILL getting even more cases daily, ……. Will they figure it out THEN ??
    Probably not, as they seem to have a very strong aversion to logic and reason in most western countries. OR, they know full well what they are doing, and they are doing it because they must, ….. or else their puppet masters will have them WHACKED, ….. just the same as others have already been, who rejected their orders.

    And it is not true that these idiots will have to have undisclosed locations, …… they will not get that far, before being torn to shreds !! They will have to hide in a cave for the rest of their days to avoid it !!

  6. As Barney says….the deathjab/operatingsystem/medical device/dna changing gmo creating witchesbrew=Delta wave or whatever.Sooooooooo obvious and all part of Operation Lockstep.Also heard that March spring equinox of 2024 is the deadline for this dybuk a.I. Possessing scamdemic.Something cosmic,S.nist,astrological to it,dont remember specifics.Peterdavidbeter.org,henrymakow.com,joyce-bowen.blog,Theinformedamerican.org,medicalveritas.org,Truth11*****.com,Experimentslvaccines.org,Auric-Media.net,Orwell-City.net,Freedomtube.social,richardlighthouse.com,Fourwinds10.net**** will Really open your eyes.

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