Here Is Where You Can Take Shelter During Nuclear War In US?

According to the survivalist website, the upper Midwest, Maine, West Texas, and several small pockets, typically in places with few populations, are where you can take shelter during a nuclear war in the US.

Here Is Where You Can Take Shelter During Nuclear War In US? 1

The first thing that comes to mind after President Biden’s nuclear “Armageddon” pronouncements and reports that the federal government is purchasing $290 million in anti-radiation medications for use in “nuclear emergencies” is where to shelter in the case of nuclear war.

The upper Midwest, Maine, West Texas, and several small pockets, typically in places with few populations, are some of the safest regions in a nuclear war, according to the survivalist website, which provides a solution to that issue. The East Coast is the most vulnerable part of the country because there are so many military bases, defence firms, important infrastructure, and big cities there.

The survivalist website linked to a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) map that shows the locations of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that are most likely to hit those locations.

A more detailed map of US nuclear targets is provided here.

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Here Is Where You Can Take Shelter During Nuclear War In US? 2

They said, “based on research of numerous sources, this is the consensus on the least safe and most safe areas in the United States in the event of a nuclear attack.” The map below shows red zones are “least safe” while blue zones are “most safe.” 

Here Is Where You Can Take Shelter During Nuclear War In US? 3

According to Survivalfreedom, the most vulnerable major metro areas to nuclear assault are: “Washington, D.C., Dallas-Fort Worth, Jacksonville, FL, and New York, N.Y. These cities could be potential targets due to their large populations and strategic value.” Including these cities as potential targets for a nuclear strike:

  • Miami, FL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Honolulu, HI

The survivalist website listed Maine, Central Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California as the regions with the lowest priority targets, saying that these regions are “likely to be largely untouched in a nuclear exchange due to their sparse populations and lack of strategic targets.”

There have been few attempts to defuse or stop the situation in Ukraine, as Glenn Greenwald recently noted on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

The richest man in the world has stated that the likelihood of nuclear war “is rising rapidly.”

The good news is that during the pandemic, millions of Americans relocated to rural areas from the cities. For those folks, perhaps it’s time to advance your knowledge of self-sufficiency even further and learn how to live off the grid because the future is still quite unknown and the next major war could break out at any time.

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  1. These are indeed glorious times. You should fear not of what tomorrow brings. Have you lived today with joy and peace, free of fear? For, what is life if not lived right? Don’t consume yourself. Take your position in the light of all that is good and let it shine with sureness in all you say and do.

  2. We have as much influence of stopping nuclear war as we do a comet from hitting the earth…. Don’t let anyone fool you; protests and voting DO NOT prevent nukes. Stop watching the news about it, drastically limit your social media, and try to be happy. This life might be a ‘one-shot’, people…. Don’t fret about it, you’ll be happier….

  3. The map is quite accurate for legitimate targets, however, I seriously doubt that the Mexico border areas shown would be attacked. The obvious reason is that Mexico is on good terms with Russia, and Mexico is a neutral country, and not part of NATO. A nuclear attack on a border city in the USA is essentially also an attack on the people of Mexico, so for those areas, they’d only use conventional weapons.

  4. If a major nuclear war breaks out between the US, Russia, China, etc.. I want a front-row seat to be instantly vaporized when the bombs are in coming. This life is already hard enough as it is. I can’t imagine how horrible it would be trying to live in a post-nuclear Armageddon world. No thanks. Check please.

  5. hilarious. so in anticipation everyone needs to start fleeing now? if they wait, they won’t make it. lol more fear porn.

  6. Well, you live with the presence of previous and recent radioactive fall out events, and just don’t know it. We’ve detonated hundreds of these things for testing alone, so far.

  7. This “map” is dead wrong and not only badly outdated, but extremely misleading. Apparently the source is uninformed or worse – deliberately deceiving everyone. Do not rely on this map or any of the ‘advice’ being given, none of it is true. Always fact-check the claims made and get something as important as this from a real expert versed in the topic. Neither this website nor that silly survivalfreedom website have any idea what they are talking about. There is a reason professionals and experts avoid these sites as the disinformation sources that they are. Utter garbage.

  8. That’s a pretty stupid comment. You apparently know nothing about how, where and what was detonated or the extensive efforts that were employed to limit “radiation” (fallout). You’re also wrong about the number of nuclear detonations.

  9. A wealthy persons convenience is a poor mans struggle. There is nothing left for anyone. Your best investment will be a will and funeral arrangements. You can vote your way into communism but you have to shoot your way out. There is no legal solution to an illegal operation. The Empire Of Lies. USA

  10. The CBC, (Central Bank Clan), won’t allow a nuclear war… Regardless of what Marxist nation, same CBC owns too much property/real estate to let it go that far… They’re perfectly happy to limit the deaths to run into a fel (more) millions.

  11. Exactly ! The warmongers are pushing the meme that they could win a nuclear war. That is absurd. There will be no winners and we will all be dead. Many who survive the first hour of dreadful bombardments, will die slow, horrible deaths from radiation, hunger, thirst, exposure to the elements, and other survivors who want to take what you got !!! It is Satan, that evil critter who wants to destroy Gawds Creation, that is driving us to Nuclear Armageddon.
    Only those with the worst karma possible will be reborn on THIS planet !

  12. Check out RADNET.ORG, run by Bob Nichols. He has compiled the data from hundreds of EPA Radiation Detectors around the USA. Over 100 US cities are hopelessly contaminated, dooming us to extinction. He says that not only are the Nuclear Power Plants “leaking” radiation that rides on the wind, but he feels that those cities came under an attack by unknown groups or individuals that have knowingly and intentionally spread the stuff around.

  13. Well NWO is putting false flag operations daily. Train after train derailments are not coincidences and are part of plan of NWO WW3. onald Trump talks nice but all of them are lies and decepections. Two Party syatems are dictarships. One head of snake is Democrats and other is Republican. We were never free UK own USA by new king Charles!!

  14. Asteroid the size of 145 horses to pass Earth on Purim – NASA
    Asteroid 535844 (2015 BY310) is estimated to be as much as 250 meters in diameter, around as much as 145 Clydesdale horses, and it’s passing us on Purim. More quakes are pending 56 pludes in the ring of fire. March 7 to March 21 2023 and why 100 ship plus still pending to empty thier cargo while EBT is cut down and high prices inflations 9 meals away from riots in USA. Why is it free money for our Zelinesky 5 Trillions of dollars and more plus. This is not justice we need feed our hunger.
    Donald Trump is puppet of UK masters to NWO. Biden is not PR of USA his double are ?He also is puppet of NWo of UK.

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