Citizens In Shanghai Rebel Against China’s Zero Covid Policy

Due to food shortages and overzealous government officials who have put them into an inadequate state quarantine as a result of China’s zero Covid policy, citizens in Shanghai have started rebelling against it.

Citizens In Shanghai Rebel Against China’s Zero Covid Policy 1

Residents of Shanghai are protesting harsh restrictions imposed as part of the Communist regime’s failing zero-Covid policy

Outraged locals in China’s largest metropolis scuffle with hazmat-suited cops who have compelled them to give their homes to Covid sufferers in chilling recordings, reported Dailymail.

As local officials try to curb record daily infection rates, which have recently surpassed 25,000, dozens of buildings in the city have been turned to makeshift isolation centres.

Separate videos shared online appear to show police forcing angry protestors to the ground and violently detaining them in Shanghai and Haining, 125 kilometres southwest of Shanghai.

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Residents trapped in Shanghai, which has been locked since April, have taken to social media to complain about food shortages and overzealous government officials who have put them into an inadequate state quarantine.

Desperate residents have even been seen storming over barricades seeking food.

Citizens In Shanghai Rebel Against China’s Zero Covid Policy 2
Chilling clips show people being dragged to the ground by PPE-clad police after being ordered to leave their homes, according to social media posts
Citizens In Shanghai Rebel Against China’s Zero Covid Policy 3
Authorities ordered 39 households in one development to leave their homes so their flats could be used to house infected patients, according to Zhangjiang Group, the developer of the housing complex
Citizens In Shanghai Rebel Against China’s Zero Covid Policy 4
An elderly man in Haining, Zhejiang, around 125km from Shanghai, is pinned to the ground by PPE-clad police for going outside, in breach of Covid restrictions

In Shanghai, cases began to rise in late March and have just topped 25,000.

The city first implemented a phased lockdown on March 28, shutting down only areas of the city.

As the number of cases increased, a full city-wide lockdown was implemented on April 3.

Despite the extraordinary measures taken, the vast majority of virus cases found each day are in persons who have no symptoms.

No deaths have been officially reported in this outbreak in Shanghai, which is commonly referred to as China’s economic engine room.

Food shortages have been widely reported on social media, and protests against the severe restrictions have erupted.

Residents outside a compound were seen shouting at officials brandishing ‘police’ shields as the officers attempted to break through their line, according to videos circulating online.

Police appear to make numerous arrests in one video clip, as citizens accuse them of ‘hitting people.’

According to Zhangjiang Group, the housing complex’s developer, officials forced 39 households to leave the compound “in order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control” and house virus patients in their flats, which prompted the incident.

As officials seemed to put someone into a car in one live-streamed video, a lady reportedly asked, “Why are they taking an old person away?”

The tenants were compensated and relocated within the same compound, according to Zhangjiang Group.

After ‘some tenants obstructed the construction’ of a quarantine fence, the developer recognised videos of the property that had ‘appeared on the internet’ on Thursday and stated ‘the situation had now settled down.’

Citizens In Shanghai Rebel Against China’s Zero Covid Policy 5
Citizens In Shanghai Rebel Against China’s Zero Covid Policy 6
Search results for the name of the apartment complex disappeared from China’s Twitter-like Weibo by Friday morning.

By Friday morning, search results for the name of the apartment complex had vanished from China’s Twitter-like Weibo.

Separate videos posted on Twitter appear to show police in hazmat suits arresting demonstrators in Shanghai.

One woman shouts ‘the police are hitting us,’ according to Twitter user Jennifer Zeng, a human rights activist who tweeted the video which is from Shanghai’s Nashi International Community Pudong New Area.

Her subtitles on the video suggest one local shouts: ‘The police beat people up. I am begging you. What do you want to do?’

Some Shanghai citizens have taken to the internet to vent their displeasure with the virus management.

They’ve chastised authorities for condoning food shortages and harsh regulations, such as the killing of a pet corgi by a health worker and the now-softened policy of removing afflicted children from their virus-free parents.

Other footage and audio snippets have shown residents busting past barricades seeking food, indicating a growing sense of desperation among the city’s residents.

A drone flying through a residential area broadcasted a message urging locals to ‘control your soul’s desire for freedom’ in one unverified viral video.

Only nine severe Omicron cases were reported in Shanghai on Thursday, according to Wu Qianyu, a Shanghai health official. The cases were largely among older patients with underlying health issues.

Despite this, officials have promised that the city “would not relax in the slightest,” constructing over a hundred new quarantine facilities to accommodate anyone who tests positive.

President Xi Jinping warned on Wednesday that rigorous virus controls “cannot be relaxed” and declared that “persistence is victory” in an address broadcasted by state media.

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