Secret Camouflage Clothing Tricks AI Facial Recognition

A clothing brand called Cap_able has created a secret camouflage clothing technology which is capable of tricking AI facial recognition.

THE doors to the camouflage clothing market have been flung open – but not for the reason you think.

Instead of trying to evade a human foe, people are buying ‘secret camouflage’ clothing to hide from facial recognition technology.

One brand, called Cap_able, uses bizarre patterns and colours to confuse facial recognition cameras

Facial recognition technology has punctured the public sphere so much, that for most, it doesn’t feel like an invasion of privacy.

In airports, most people don’t think twice about having their faces measured by cameras to make sure they match the person in their passport.

These days, live-feed CCTV cameras are fitted with live facial recognition (LFR) software which detects individual human faces.

Although it is often used against a predetermined watchlist, the tech has been accused of being ‘unlawful’ and ‘unethical’ by a number of campaigners, including a report from the University of Cambridge.

The report recommended it be banned from use in streets, airports and any public spaces – where it is used most.

The chief of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s regulator for data protection, has previously raised concerns over the tech for its “supercharged CCTV” capabilities.

One company spearheading a personal-rebellion-of-sorts against such technology is a clothing brand called Cap_able.

Amazon did not alert its New York City customers that they were being monitored by technology that tracks their bodies’ shapes and sizes as well as their palm prints, a lawsuit filed Thursday alleges.

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