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During a speech by Zelensky addressed to the lower house of Austria’s parliament via video-link on Thursday, Austrian lawmakers staged a mass walkout.
Pam Kline welcomed me through the front door of her home in East Palestine, Ohio, on a wet afternoon when we did not know if it was safe to be in the rain. About a week prior to our meeting, a train derailed in this small slice of the heartland, releasing toxic chemicals into the soil and sky. The house is a well-kept American Foursquare with an enclosed porch filled by the leathery smell of tobacco. She apologized for the odor as I entered the living room where her husband, Lenny, and a friendly Australian shepherd awaited. I told her the smell was pleasant. Even amid a crisis, the Klines were warm and kind.
Pfizer has confirmed it stopped its clinical trial analyzing COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy in pregnant women early.
At a private event over the weekend, Governor Ron DeSantis said that his administration intends to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable for making false claims about COVID products that have caused injuries and death.
Now that the narrative is beginning to shift, those who supported it are grasping for reasons to explain their incorrect decisions to support lockdowns, uphold the denial of early treatment for COVID-19, and advocate for perpetual vaccine mandates. For example:
After almost three years of attempts towards medical dictatorship, the pendulum at least appears to be swinging back. A Florida grand jury is set to investigate misconduct surrounding Covid vaccine rollout.
Elko County Board of Health Commissioner Jon Karr said that Nevada County may ban the flu and COVID vaccines, which will be discussed at the Elko County Board of Health meeting on Wednesday.
The mRNA spike protein was not the only item discovered in autopsies of those who died shortly after receiving the jab. When combined with insurance records indicating that the spike in mortality had a 1 in 390,632,286,180 chance of occurring spontaneously, this is a dagger through Pfizer's heart. Germany has unleashed the spike protein bombshell.
DeSantis declared that a committee on public health integrity would be created earlier in December. Now, Florida grand jury has been impaneled to investigate mRNA vaccine manufacturers.
Republican lawmakers who are looking into the lab-leak origin scenario want to learn more about whether NIAID or Fauci were involved in the allocation of funding to EcoHealth. But, White House panicked as reporters asked Fauci about COVID origins.