Russia’s Mir Payment System Contributes To Emerging Global Finance Network

Russia’s Mir payment system is contributing to the emerging global finance network, as Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro announced the introduction of Russia’s Mir bank cards in the country.

Venezuela, with the introduction of Russia’s Mir bank cards in the country, is participating in the creation of a financial system of the new world, President Nicolas Maduro said.

“New payment systems are emerging in the world. Venezuela was subjected to cruel, unfair and criminal sanctions, we faced attempts to isolate us monetarily and financially. Now we are building new payment systems, new financial systems, new monetary systems of the new world,” Maduro said during the “With Maduro +” television program.

“The Central Bank of Venezuela has announced the good news that we are joining the Russian payment system used by many countries of the world: the Mir system,” he said.

The Taliban’s governor of the Afghan central bank, Hidayatullah Badri, has revealed that the Taliban and China are in discussions regarding banking cooperation.

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