Russians Fleeing War Are At US Border In Mexico Seeking Asylum With Migrants

Asylum seekers from Russia who are fleeing the war in Ukraine are coming to the United States. The Russians fleeing war are at the US border in Mexico and are seeking asylum with the migrants.

Russians Fleeing War Are At US Border In Mexico Seeking Asylum With Migrants

Russians evading the draft and President Vladimir Putin’s battle with Ukraine are joining the hundreds of thousands of migrants seeking asylum in the United States through Mexico, reports Mail Online.

Russian migrants were observed this week requesting asylum in the United States with migrants from Moldova, Cuba, and other Central and South American nations, as part of a large surge over the holidays.

According to NewsNation, one Moldovan migrant was informed that the “border is open,” despite the Biden administration’s insistence to the contrary.

‘People should not listen to the lies of smugglers who take advantage of vulnerable migrants, putting lives at risk,’ the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declared in a statement issued Tuesday evening.

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‘The border is not open,’ it continued, ‘and we will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws.’

Since Putin’s intervention in Ukraine in late February, more than 31,600 people have tried to flee to the United States. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) interaction data, this amount includes 12,097 crossings in just two months, October and November.

A Russian migrant who escaped to dodge being drafted into Ukraine’s war, hailed President Biden for allowing refugees to seek political asylum in the United States.

‘It’s 65-70 percent of people think about that the United States of America is problem No. 1 for Russia,’ Igor, 24, told NewsNation when questioned if he liked living in the United States thus far after crossing from Mexico into Arizona.

Compared to previous years, the number of Russian migrants crossing Mexico’s southern border to request asylum has surged dramatically.

Nearly 24,000 Russian migrants seeking asylum were intercepted by CBP between March and November 2022 along the southern border. This number excludes possible gotaways who managed to avoid CBP scrutiny.

With 5,507 encounters, November was the single-largest month in recent history for Russian migration.

CBP only encountered 4,103 Russian migrants in Fiscal Year 2021, but that number rapidly increased to 21,763 in Fiscal Year 2022.

As temperatures dropped below freezing before and after Christmas, Russians could be seen amongst migrants near the border building fires and gathering around them.

The migration comes amid confusion over the coming expiration of pandemic-era Title 42, which saw CBP confront 8,000 people per day along the southern border the other week.

According to some forecasts, once Title 42 is repealed, the number of border crossings per day could exceed 17,000 per day.

Russians Fleeing War Are At US Border In Mexico Seeking Asylum With Migrants 2
Igor, 24, is a Russian migrant seeking political asylum in the U.S. to avoid being drafted into the war with Ukraine. He told NewsNation that he is thankful to President Joe Biden for allowing them to seek asylum in the U.S.
Russians Fleeing War Are At US Border In Mexico Seeking Asylum With Migrants 3
Custom and Border Protection (CBP) encountered 233,740 in November – the second month of Fiscal Year 2023. It is the slight uptick from the month prior and the third-highest month of encounters in recent history, all occurring under President Joe Biden

The public health policy was scheduled to be repealed on December 21 – just four days before Christmas – but was postponed due to a Supreme Court judgment that imposed a stay on Title 42 expiring. The Biden administration asked for the stay to be prolonged until December 27.

The high court opted to take up a GOP challenge to the termination of Title 42 on Tuesday, delaying the policy’s termination until a ruling is made in June.

When the coronavirus outbreak began in March 2020, then-President Donald Trump enacted Title 42. The objective of the policy was to stop COVID-19 from being imported by illegal immigrants.

On Dec. 12, the driver of a car carrying migrants from Ukraine and Tajikistan disobeyed an officer’s requests to provide id and smacked the officer’s hand with a car door mirror as he accelerated past him. This is merely one case out of more than 8,600 Russians who have crossed the Mexico border illegally into the US just in the recent months.

But the program also had the advantage of helping to resolve the issue at the southern border during the pandemic.

Republicans are concerned that there are no alternative laws or failsafes in place to prevent widespread mayhem at the border in light of the Biden administration’s efforts to repeal Title 42.

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