Russian T-90 Tank Captured By Ukraine Turns Up At Louisiana Truck Stop

Russian T-90 Tank, which was captured by Ukraine, was shipped by a group called the Multinational Assessment Field Team and was discovered at a Louisiana truck stop.

Thanks to a shipping label on the barrel of the main gun of a Russian T-90A tank that wound up at a Louisiana truck stop, we now have an idea where it came from and where it may have been headed before the truck hauling it broke down Tuesday night, leaving it sitting at Peto’s Travel Center and Casino.

You can read our original story on the mysterious tank in question here.

The shipping label, photographs of which were shared with us by Louisiana resident John Phelps, shows it was sent from an organization called the “multinational assessment field team” with the port of embarkation listed as Gdynia, Poland. Its port of destination was Beaumont, Texas, about 90 miles west of where the tank wound up. The “ultimate consignee” on the label is Building 358, 6850 Lanyard Rd., Aberdeen Proving Ground. That’s the home of the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC).

This shows the tank was shipped by something called the Multinational Assessment Field Team. (Courtesy of John Phelps)
This shows the “ultimate consignee” is the Army’s Aberdeen Test Center in Maryland. (Courtesy John Phelps)

According to its website, ATC’s mission is to: 

  • Provide test, and test support, services for authorized customers within and outside of DoD, including Government and non-Government organizations, domestic, and foreign.
  • Perform comprehensive test and training, both real and simulated.
  • Exploit emerging technologies.
  • Develop leading-edge instrumentation and test methodologies.

The Slovakian Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad’ said in response to criticism leveled at the government by the opposition for giving up valuable aircraft to Ukraine, “They can fly, not fight!” as Ukraine received ‘defective’ MiG-29 fighters as they were sabotaged.

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