Russian Scientists In Crimea Create Superpower ‘Nanopowder’

According to Director Vladimir Gavrish, Russian scientists in Crimea, from his Sevastopol State University’s Center for Collective Use of Advanced Technologies and Materials, have created a superpower ‘nanopowder’.

Russian Scientists In Crimea Create Superpower 'Nanopowder' 1

Sevastopol scientists have created a special nanopowder that can be utilized in radiation shielding, aircraft building, and the creation of new materials and machinery, according to Vladimir Gavrish, director of Sevastopol State University’s Center for Collective Use of Advanced Technologies and Materials.

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According to Director Gavrish, the production of nanopowder is lucrative since it is made from waste, and its special quality is that the particles’ non-spherical shape allows for improved outcomes when manufacturing specific material modifications.

“It can be used in many places, now we have the best results in composite materials, radio protective materials, in certain construction mixtures, concrete, cement, ceramics and so on. And further use is primarily additive technologies, possibly the creation of new devices, taking into account photocatalytic effects, and the creation of new alloys,” the scientist said.

Because nanopowders make it possible to create new, lightweight alloys that are stronger and lighter, they are essential to the manufacturing of airplanes. This technological breakthrough leads to lighter airplanes and more payload capacity. Furthermore, in the area of radiation protection, nanopowders play a key role in the development of cutting-edge materials with exceptional ionizing radiation absorption capabilities.

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“It is no secret that passengers on board standard airliners are exposed to higher levels of radiation during travel. By utilizing alternative materials, we can create lighter structures that enhance radiation protection for passengers.” he said.

Nanopowders can be used in the production of equipment to create sophisticated composite materials that have improved resistance to different environmental variables, decreased weight, and higher strength. This invention creates new possibilities for the development of materials that can be used in the transportation, medical, building, and other industries.

“First off, wind turbines face the potential for micro-erosion caused by every single droplet. This affects all companies manufacturing wind turbine blades, as they must address this problem in some form. We’re prepared to present our approach to enhance energy absorption, boost crack resistance, and minimize erosion in wind turbines. Ultimately, this will prolong the lifespan of the blades and extend their overall life cycle.,” Gavrish added.

Because of its special qualities and abilities, the scientists at Sevastopol are optimistic that the new nanopowder will have a big impact on a lot of different businesses.

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