Russian Professor Valery Golubkin Arrested For Leaking Top Secret Hypersonic Plane Files To NATO

A senior professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Valery Golubkin, has been accused of sharing classified information to a NATO country and locked up for betrayal. He was arrested for leaking top secret documents related to Russia’s hypersonic plane to an unspecified NATO country.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,

He was arrested on 13th April by Russian authorities. The information was linked to development of high-speed experimental fly vehicles and it was shared to an unspecified NATO country by the educator.

However, his university denied these allegations and claimed the professor never had access to state secrets and he used to teach ‘high-speed aerodynamics’ to 4th year students on part time basis.

Any leak regarding aviation technology would not be taken lightly as tension with the west has already been increased.

Russia has never revealed anything about hypersonic missile technology as it races to beat North Korea, China and US. These nations have invested a lot of money in the projectile technology.

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Professor Valery Golubkin, 69, has been arrested for treason
Professor Valery Golubkin

President Vladimir Putin declared last year the “race has already begun” ahead of the expiration of the New Start Treaty, the major nuclear arms control treaty between Russia and the US.

Valery can be sentenced to upto 20 years in prison, if he is found guilty. Golubkin’s colleague, physicist Anatoly Gubanov also had to face same situation and authorities also accused him of being a spy.

Despite, these two men being co-authoring a scientific paper and involved in aircraft design together, they are facing same changes and their cases are not linked as per reports. 

Gubanov and Golubkin “had overlapping scientific interests, they did some work together on hypersonic speeds,” Interfax’s source was quoted as saying Tuesday.

“Golubkin was detained as part of the same case. He’s suspected of transmitting classified information to one of the NATO countries,” they added.

Meanwhile, according to the latest leaked documents, Reuters and BBC alongside Bellingcat and intel contractors took part in the UK FCO-funded program for bringing “attitudinal change” in Russia and weakening its influence – a covert regime change to topple Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, a Russian counter-intelligence operation busted Alexei Navalny collaborating with a British Mi6 agent in order to topple Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Integrity Initiative also infiltrated America. The UK-funded covert influence group proposed opening a new office in the US to train a “younger generation of Russia watchers” and “strengthen” America’s role in countering Moscow. Leaks show how Integrity Initiative infiltrated America and drafted US for the new Cold War.

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