Russia Strikes Ukrainian Military Intel HQ in Kiev

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that Russia carried out an attack on the headquarters of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry in Kiev.

“Since the start of the special military operation, the Russian Armed Forces are striking Ukraine, but using high-precision weapons. They are targeting military infrastructure, arms depots and other targets that could be used for military action,” Putin said, speaking to a reporter at an economic exhibition on Tuesday.

“We’ve already mentioned that we can strike decision-making centers and headquarters. Obviously, the Military Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s headquarters is also such a target. And in response, as you are well aware, the Kiev regime chose a different path, a path to try to intimidate Russia and its citizens, to try to target residential buildings. It is an obvious indicator of terrorist activity,” Putin said, referring to Tuesday morning’s attempted drone attack on the Russian capital.

The president expressed contentment with the state of Moscow’s air defenses, saying they had worked “in a satisfactory manner” in deflecting Tuesday’s morning attack, although “there’s still some progress to be made.”

“We’ve faced similar problems in Khmeimim in Syria, although of course the size of the territories of our airbase in Syria and Moscow are not comparable, because Moscow is a huge city…But it’s obvious what needs to be done to make the air defenses around our capital city better, and we will do that,” Putin said.

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Putin said he was concerned by Kiev’s apparent attempt to push Russia into a mirror response. “We’ll see what we do with this,” he said, while expressing hope that ordinary Ukrainians will come to recognize what their government is pushing them towards, not only through the drone attack on Moscow, but attempts to target the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.

According to CNN, US officials have confirmed the Russian strike on the Patriot system in Ukraine, but they downplayed the degree of devastation caused by the strike

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  1. Strange Russia hasn’t hit important tatical and strategic targets more often as poorly as they are doing on the front line…

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