Russia Sending Drug Addicts To Ukraine War

According to a claim by the Ukrainian Center of National Resistance, Russia is mobilizing drug addicts to fight in order to reach its quota.

Russia Sending Drug Addicts To Ukraine War

“The information about the massive mobilization of drug addicts was confirmed by one of the Russian soldiers who surrendered to the Resistance Movement,” the Center reported. “According to him, he was not cured of addiction and continued to use drugs while fighting in Zaporizhzhia. The man took the drugs with him as medicine.”

The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ General Staff published a report with a similar premise, reports The Jerusalem Post.

“Among the already recruited personnel, there is a large number of people with drug and alcohol addiction,” the General Staff said.

Putin is preparing for a mobilization wave

According to information provided by Ukrainian military intelligence, Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to authorize a second round of Russian mobilization that will forcefully enlist drug addicts, prisoners, and non-citizens. The broadening of eligibility requirements is another component of this recruitment approach.

The Russian Armed Forces had about 1.35 million personnel as of September 2022. A plan to deploy an extra 500,000 soldiers by Russia could be announced “in the coming days,” according to Ukrainian intelligence sources.

MEN DRAFTED into the Russian army during partial mobilization say goodbye to their relatives and acquaintances outside a military commissariat in Moscow, last month (credit: MOSCOW NEWS AGENCY/REUTERS)

“Russia is actively preparing for the announcement of the next wave of mobilization,” revealed intelligence officials. “The laws of the Russian Federation regulating mobilization are being amended at [the] legislative level. The active preparation of training centers is ongoing as well.”

The recently announced federal prohibition on groupings of 20 or more individuals, intended to limit draft demonstrations, is an illustration of the Kremlin’s legislative preparations for mobilization. The Kremlin has established “volunteer patrols” of three to five individuals to monitor densely populated areas.

“Russia is actively preparing for the announcement of the next wave of mobilization.”

Ukrainian military intelligence officials

“Their task is to prevent a possible congestion of people in order to prevent possible protest actions,” explained Ukrainian intelligence officials. “According to the received instructions, any group of more than 20 people is considered ‘suspicious.’”

Convicts offered erasure of criminal records if they serve

The Kremlin has woven leniency into long-standing regulations to entice individuals to enlist. Military authorities have continued to look for willing criminals to enlist, as they did during the first round of mobilization. They pledge to expunge small offenders’ criminal records in exchange for 3 months of service, and recidivists and serious criminals’ records in exchange for 6 months of service.

“The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense (UK MoD) reported on January 13 that Russian officials plan to use convict labor to address increased wartime production demands and labor shortages,” according to the Institute for the Study of War think tank. The Institute for the Study of War has warned of the possibility of the Kremlin mobilizing a major number of the 400,000 detainees under its control.

“A man mobilized to the ranks of the Russian Federation because of the threat of appearing in court,” reported the Ukrainian Center of National Resistance. “He was arrested for driving a car without documents. In order not to go to trial, the man was offered to go to Ukraine.”

Meanwhile on the opposing side, at least 16,000 foreign nationals have volunteered to join an “international legion” created to resist Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed, after Kiev lifted visa requirements for anyone willing to fight.

Even now, military recruiters will grant Russian citizenship to immigrants in exchange for their service. “Currently, draft-age men, who are applying to authorities to obtain Russian citizenship, are offered to sign a contract for military service. After that, the issue of acquiring the citizenship is automatically resolved,” disclosed Ukrainian intelligence.

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