Russia Says Its New EW System Can ‘Kill’ Satellites At An Altitude Of 36,000 Km

According to a recent report by the state-owned media outlet Ria Novosti, Russia claimed to have developed an electronic warfare (EW) system that can kill satellites in geostationary orbit at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers.

“Enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex have developed a new electronic warfare system capable of suppressing satellites in geostationary orbit with its signal. This is about 36,000 km above sea level,” a source was cited as saying by Ria Novosti.

Without divulging any further details, the source added that at a shorter distance, the power of the emitter of the new system is capable of irreparable harm to the enemy’s electronics.

The revelation of the new Russian EW system came on the “Day of the Specialist in Electronic Warfare,” which is celebrated in Russian annually on April 15 to mark the occasion of the first combat use of electronic warfare on April 15, 1904, during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), when Russian radio stations interfered with Japanese radio operators during the defense of Port Arthur.

Russia demonstrated its anti-satellite capabilities in November 2021 by carrying out a direct ascent anti-satellite (ASAT) test in which it destroyed one of its satellites that had been in orbit since 1982.

The anti-satellite test showed Russia was “ready to deny us space capabilities to other players, even if it creates some debris,” said Major General Michel Friedling, head of France’s Space Command, in June last year. “And even if it denies, to [Russia, themselves] the use of space capabilities,” he continued.

The Biden administration has recently requested $115 million to fund a new Pentagon unit called the Office of Strategic Capabilities, aimed at helping tech startups build weapons of war for the military.

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