Russia Has Become India’s Second Largest Oil Supplier

With oil and energy becoming a major source of worry for billions of people as 2022 drags on, India has positioned itself in quite a nice situation. This is predicated on the fact that Russia has become India’s second largest oil supplier.

Russia Has Become India's Second Largest Oil Supplier

Russia is largely unscathed by NATO sanctions, according to increasing amounts of evidence. Russian oil profits appear to have increased this year, contrary to what some in the mainstream press had predicted would transpire with their currency. The oil business in Russia is booming, and its currency is steady.

With a population of more than 1.3 billion, Russia just overtook Saudi Arabia as India’s second-largest oil provider. They still receive the majority of their supplies from Iraq.

A change in commerce from the west to the east is the main explanation for this. By growing sales to friends like China and India and displacing the dollar as the instrument for reserve currency, Russia is displacing US and European consumers.

Over 30% of the world’s population lives in China and India alone, and China continues to be the world’s largest manufacturing nation. Oddly, thanks to western sanctions, Russia is now the most sought-after exporter on the market since their oil is available at a lower price while energy prices elsewhere are skyrocketing thanks to inflation.

It was recently claimed by economic “experts” that China and India would not be able to expand their oil imports to make up for lost markets in the US and the EU, but this is obviously false. Does this imply that Russia is not susceptible to economic unrest? No, Russia faces a number of financial issues that are difficult to resolve. But today, practically every other nation has this trait.

The mainstream media frequently fails to recognize the significance of revelations like this. We are witnessing a significant readjusting of international economic norms as well as a more pronounced divergence between eastern and western agendas.

These are alterations that often take years to manifest, yet they do so now in a matter of weeks or days. With oil and energy becoming a major source of worry for billions of people as 2022 drags on, this geopolitical rift is likely to result in additional economic turmoil and crisis.

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