Russia Has No Immediate Plans To Repair Or Reactivate Nord Stream Pipelines

According to Reuters, Russia has no immediate plans to repair or reactivate the Nord Stream pipelines and instead plans to seal them up.

Six months ago, a series of explosions caused damage to Russia’s undersea Nord Stream gas pipeline. The pipeline’s future has been uncertain due to rising tensions between Moscow and Washington, particularly with an anticipated spring offensive in Ukraine. Earlier this year, there were discussions about the possibility of repairs within a year by the German energy company Uniper. However, sources now tell Reuters that Russia plans to “seal up” the pipelines. 

Russia’s Gazprom, a state-controlled oil company, constructed Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, which consist of two pipes each. These pipelines were designed to transport 110 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea. 

In September, three of the pipelines were severely damaged by explosions, resulting in ruptures. One of the Nord Stream 2 pipes remained intact. 

Although Gazprom has stated that repairing the damaged pipelines is possible, two sources told Reuters that Moscow does not expect relations with the West to improve sufficiently in the near future to warrant the pipelines being repaired. 

The CIA forewarned Germany of prospective assaults on gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea weeks before Nord Stream 1 and 2 were struck. Furthermore, a former Pentagon advisor has said that the US likely attacked Nord Stream pipelines in order to isolate Germany.

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