Putin Warns Russia Will Go To War With France If Ukraine Joins NATO

Putin warns that Russia will go to war with France if Ukraine joins NATO. According to Putin, a Ukrainian assault on Crimea might spark Article 5 of NATO’s founding agreement, drawing the whole of Europe into a war against Russia.

Putin Warns Russia Will Go To War With France If Ukraine Joins NATO

At a news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine’s admission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and a subsequent move to recover Crimea may lead to a confrontation involving Russia and France.

In response to a query from a French journalist, Putin stated unequivocally what exactly joining NATO would entail for Ukraine, reports the media outlet Russia Today.

“You want France to fight Russia? That’s exactly what would happen,” Putin warned journalists that if Ukraine enters NATO and attempts to impose its official policy of ‘reintegrating’ Crimea by force, that is exactly what would happen.

Kiev has labelled Russia as something of an opponent and maintains that Crimea is Ukrainian territory, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The peninsula ended up voting to re-enter Russia since the 2014 coup in Kiev, which most NATO members have not acknowledged.

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You ask me if Russia wants to fight a war with NATO – let me ask you, does NATO want to fight a war with Russia?

According to Putin, a Ukrainian assault on Crimea might spark Article 5 of NATO’s founding agreement, drawing the whole of Europe into a war against Russia.

“Russia is one of the world’s leading atomic powers. There would be no victors,” Putin told reporters. “[Macron] does not desire such an outcome. Neither do I.”

The Russian president noted that Kiev has previously employed force twice to end the problem in Donbass, which includes the two eastern provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk.

“Where are our guarantees that they won’t try again?” he asked.

Macron travelled to Moscow on Monday to address the circumstances in Ukraine, and also larger security issues in Europe and bilateral relations with Russia. On Tuesday, he is scheduled to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev.

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  1. Bonjour mes amis Indiens ! Je suis un Français patriote. Je comprends la menace de Poutine car la France ne doit pas s’occuper des affaires de la Russie et de l’Ukraine ! Pour le passe vaccinal covid, le président de France a dit qu’il veut emmerder les Français non vaccinés ! J’espère qu’il ne veut pas emmerder les Français en provoquant la Russie !

    Hello my Indian friends! I am a patriotic Frenchman. I understand Putin’s threat because France must not take care of the affairs of Russia and Ukraine! For the covid vaccination pass, the President of France has said that he wants to piss off the unvaccinated French! I hope he doesn’t want to annoy the French by provoking Russia!

  2. And all this because of Western ,read US , meddling into Ukraine politics which led to a coup in 2015 .
    So who is the cause of what the world is observing today ,so that the MIC might enrich itself ?

  3. This is all theater by the globalist-controlled pieces on the chessboard.

    All governments and their leaders work for the same ruling elite masters, East, West, and everywhere in-between.

  4. I don’t know how old Putin is, but I think he is in his late 70’s early 80’s and he can do whatever he likes, because, like Trump and Biden, he won’t be around much longer, to see what happens next, from whatever choices he makes.
    I really don’t understand why you people elect seniors to do the thinking for you – they all have addled brains and you don’t know what their deep seated thoughts are, until it is waaay to late – you should all have a cut off date at 50 years old, tops, for politicians, leaders and presidents – and see who is paying them lobbying (bribing) money and who owns them behind the scenes, like Big Pharma, for example – the snake oil salesmen of Big Pharma.
    Good thing about The European block, they are all on the same land mass as Russia, so won’t have to go very far to combat each other and short range nuclear weapons wipes everyone out, when one side or the other decides they can’t “win” any other way.
    Potentially interesting times ahead, what with the vaccinated too.

  5. Putin is early seventies and not at all like a demented Biden
    The problems in Ukraine has it’s roots in a western coupe d’etat
    that sparked aa referendum in the Crimea ; turnout 87% 97% of these votes favored joining Russia, so Putin said yes
    All the problems there have been caused by the west, thers was a verbal agreement after the wall came down that nato would not move 1 “inch” closer eastwards
    well they moved like 600 miles eastwards in all the former neighbouring countries to Russia , if you don’t call that intimidation provocation , aggression treason
    Personally I cannot find any excuse for the west, other than a population cull through another terrible war
    Putin is a smart guy who has reopened thousands of Christian churches in his own country you don’t find this info in the westers corporate media don’t you

  6. Thank you Charles Kint ~ Exactly what i was going to say! Sure ~ there is so much “Theatre” going on and the economic issues are there but much more is the death Genocidal ~ Depopulation Agenda the Upper Elites have as their mandate ~ That is the truer driving force behind all this ‘theatre’ ~Most of us know this Eugenics mandate is to sever the population down to The Georgia Monument ‘declaration’ of 500,000,000 (if that!) ~ and all of us have every right ~ and duty ~ to resist it. IF i was Putin, my solution would be to go to all the Oligarch’s Castles with Attack Helicopters ~ drop the Special Forces Teams and arrest those son of a bitches ~ take them to Nuremberg Court with a Grand Jury to have them charged with Crimes Against Humanity ~ then hang them. Then go after the rest ~ and do the same ~ then put all the funds and assets into a Public Trust and Re – redistribute the wealth they have stolen and give it back to the people. End of Story. Everyone knows our world would rebuild a really great wonderful world with these Oligarch dicks out of the way ~ Gone!

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