Russia Establishes Anti-Drone Police

The head of the Anti-Drone Police, which was established by Russia, Roman Uvarov, recently described its purpose as “ensuring the protection of public order” during large public events.

Russia has launched an anti-drone police force in St. Petersburg, which is likely to also be rolled out in other major cities, as the population comes under increasing threat by drone activity from Ukraine.

The force’s head, Roman Uvarov, described its purpose as to “ensure the protection of public order” during large public events, such as this week’s Victory Day celebrations which took place in major cities across Russia.

Reuters describes that “The unit will include officers armed with sniper rifles and carbines, groups trained to neutralize unmanned aerial vehicles, and mobile patrols to detain those suspected of operating drones.”

“Video footage from this year’s Victory Day parade showed heavily armed officers standing on rooftops above Palace Square holding drone-detection equipment and groups of snipers patrolling along the nearby Neva river in boats,” the report continues.

The creation of anti-drone units follows the May 3rd drone attack on the Kremlin complex, which Russian leaders called a ‘terroristic’ attempt to assassinate President Putin. 

According to images shared on social media, Putin has installed missile systems on Moscow rooftops.

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