Russia Bans Scientology As A Threat To National Security

Russia has banned Scientology dubbing it a threat to National Security. Russia’s Justice Ministry has blacklisted two Church of Scientology entities, banning them from operating in the country. Moscow has taken numerous measures against the group, arguing that it’s a business masquerading as religion.

Russia Bans Scientology As A Threat To National Security

An updated list of “undesirable” organizations was released by the country’s Justice Ministry on Friday, just over a week after the Russian Prosecutor General’s office advised a ban for several Church of Scientology affiliates. 

Two California-based holdings, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International (WISE) and the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), also known as the “L. Ron Hubbard Library,” were officially blacklisted.

Both were deemed a threat to Russia’s national security, according to a previous statement from the prosecutor’s office.

The inclusion of Scientology on Russia’s list of “undesirable” organizations, which currently number at 49, means the outfit is now prohibited from conducting any activities in Russia, with its local chapters to be forcibly closed and assets frozen.

The decision follows a decades-long campaign to ban Scientology from illegally profiting on Russian territory, with the first major effort to restrict the group dating back to 1996, back in the Boris Yeltsin-era and some twelve years after the organization gained a foothold in what was then the Soviet Union.

However, it was not until the 2010s when authorities really cracked down on Scientology groups, investigating major branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as their leaders, on charges of illegal business activities and extremism.

Some of the group’s literature has been outlawed as extremist material, while its Moscow chapter was ordered closed by the Supreme Court in 2016.

The Church of Scientology, which was founded by American science fiction novelist L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s, describes itself as a new religious movement, while its critics believe the group to be either a dangerous cult, a business trying to dodge taxes using religious exemptions, or some combination of both.

While the group has rarely achieved full-blown recognition from state authorities around the world, it has managed to obtain a tax exemption status in a number of countries.

At the same time, Russia is far from being the only nation actively obstructing the group’s activities and influence.

A drawn-out case in Belgian against the ‘church’ involved charges of bribery, extortion, fraud, and the unlicensed practice of medicine, but its leaders were acquitted of all charges.

Meanwhile in France, Scientology has been classified as a dangerous cult and seven of its members were convicted on various charges, including contribution to suicide. 

Ironically, it was the Strasbourg, France-based European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that came to the defense of Scientology in its case in Russia, accusing authorities of religious discrimination.

In fact, the group appears so confident about the ECHR’s support that an American representative once said of the situation in France, “if it has to go to the court of human rights we’re confident we will win there.”

The US has consistently criticised any country attempting to take the group and its leaders to court as discriminating on religious grounds, despite a long history of lawsuits and other legal issues with the group within the United States.

In the 1970s, the ‘church’ carried out what it dubbed ‘Operation Snow White,’ which reportedly saw up to 5,000 Scientologists infiltrate scores of US government agencies – namely the IRS – where they stole documents, wiretapped phones of government agents and carried out other surveillance.

Several high-ranking Scientologists, among them Hubbard’s then-wife Mary Sue, pleaded guilty to charges linked to the massive infiltration op, including obstruction of justice, burglary of government offices, and theft of documents and government property.

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  1. Several years ago, Russia banned Jehovah’s Witnesses under bogus “extremism laws”. To this day, they’re raided by swat teams and imprisoned under trumped up charges and kangaroo courts, just for studying the Bible together and praying and sharing Bible info with people. Persecuting them by hook and by crook. This is the imminent foreshadow warning of all Christian groups and religions in general eventually being framed as “anti-state extremism” and outlawed. In the U.S. such a stance is already being waged against the U.S. “patriot” movement, and any dissent groups that speak out against State false narratives and propaganda. (look how any counter information to the State’s Covid Operation narrative is being banned now, same scenario).

  2. all those ramifications of neo-christianity made in the USA are really part of judaism, they are used for stealing the faithful and for money laundering as well. There are tons of jehovas witneses and all those other farces in latin america popping up like mushrooms, they offer nothing in regards to architecture as they are like an office buliding, they offer nothing in regards to art or morality, they only offer bogus laws you have to follow and to change the name of your God to the one they tell you. When you enter one of these places is like you are entering a cheap store in the usa.

  3. Wait until people find out that L. Ron Hubbard paid Joe Fendley of the Elbert Granite Finishing Company in 1978 to build the Georgia Guidestones under the pseudonym of Robert C. Christian [since Hubbard believed he was the Antichrist]. The Georgia Guidestones’ Precept Number 1 mandates the population of the earth not exceed 500 Million, which gave Bill Gates license to go into the vaccine distribution business and along with World Economic Forum CEO Klaus Schwab have forged ahead with the ongoing program of global genocide through the Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon that has NO CURE and will result in the death of the world’s population.

  4. I wish someone would BAN that group of Scientologists from Clearwater FL as they have practically, through deceit, bought up the entire downtown by using bogus names for the purchase which then goes directly into the hands of Scientologists. The nightmarish stories I’ve read about how they treat their ‘groupies’ is absolutely criminal. Years ago, I read L Ron Hubbard’s book and never have I read anything so demonic called a religion. There are but two religions in this world: 1. Witchcraft and 2. King James Bible Believing Christianity.

  5. I have done a LOT of research over many, many years about Judaism and Christianity; using only their own documentations and the King James Bible. I have studied and dissected the KJV bible one word or phrase at a time, writing down every single verse containing said word or phrase allowing scripture to interpret scripture. In this way have I learned God’s great and mighty things and that Israel today are the Born Again Christians who are the spiritual Jews as Jesus Christ is the King of Judah and Israel and King of Jews. Jesus cast them out in Matthew 21:43 and in Matthew 23 and called them out as liars and the synaGOGue of Satan in Rev 2:9 and 3:9. I have studied every single prophecy concerning the latter days and I know for certain, without one doubt, that the ‘woman’ which sits on the beast (last sea (of people) beast kingdom; the U.N. which received its deadly wound as the League of Nations) is the flesh Edomite-AshkeNAZI Jews and their allies. People say God bless America, but as long as this nation continues to aid and abet the enemies of Jesus Christ, God will NOT bless America. God is going to have Jerusalem destroyed by the ‘Medes’ in the time of Great Tribulation along with all of its members and allies which is laid out in Ezekiel 39 and in Revelation 13, 17, 18, 21 etc. In fact, God will use His people Israel, born again Christians, to sift, sieve and chastise as told in Jeremiah 51. It saddens me to know that the ‘Christians’ of the world are so deceived inasmuch as they believe those Antichrists called the ‘flesh’ Jews are the chosen ones when, in fact, it is the born again Christians who are the chosen ones. I have done a lot of historical research of their own documentations and bible study to find out who the people are who have been controlling this world in wickedness; creating this free slave world in which we all now live in a debt based, fiat economic system and you can read about them here; if you care to and if you do, read to the end to learn all of the truth. It is slow going in the beginning because the ground work had to be laid so you will understand how it all ties together; be patient it will be worth your time. which is about Ezekiel 38 and 39; two of the most misunderstood books of the bible.

  6. Aha!! So that’s who that was then that so mysteriously had those 10 commandments of Satan installed in Georgia. Thank you!! Remember, one of those commands of Satan was to ‘maintain the population at 500 million’ which only means they intend to kill off some 6.5 billion people. The vaccine should take care of many of them who will begin to die off in 3 -5 years and the children who received the vaccine will be sterilized which will further diminish the population. Satan is smart and patient and knows full well that he will have but a short time to rule the world before God throws him into the pit again for 1000 years. By the way, Bill Gates was hung my the neck until dead this week after his tribunal. link: Bill Gates Hanged at GITMO Ahead of Schedule:
    Hubbard is, no doubt, now enjoying his visit in the pit being tormented day and night 24/7 by the demonic entities and giants.

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  8. Scientology was created by cia as mind control and moneymaker as well as infiltrator as stated above.It is in NO WAY EQUIVALENT TO YESHUA COMING TO REDEEM HUMANITY ON THIS COSMICGHETTO PRISON PLANET.


  10. Hey,Barney,great site!!!,,,Truthbits blog,, of R.child controlled and founded Israel country’s genocide of true semites,The Palestinians.The lies and destruction perpetrated by the serpentseed are detailed,like the slaughter and starvation of Palestinian elderly and children.Like the fact that Mossad and Israel military kill like 100+x the people than Palestinians killing Israelis.Mossad has controlled Wikipedia for some time,sdont use it.The creator has been working on an uncorrupted,better version of Wikipedia.IRS is illegal parasite controlled by 8 families,supposedly.It’s based in Puerto Rico.It supposedly has NO LAW REGISTERED IN THE FEDERAL REGISTER GIVING IT AUTHORITY TO COLLECT TAXES AND LEVY FINES!Research this!,beware!! 🙂

  11. @Melanchton I remember back in the early 1970’s as a kid, we tried out several different churches and the Witnesses were one of them. They came to our home every week to do bible study (indoctrination), in the end it was us 4 kids in the family who made the final decision. We successfully ran them off permanently, … with a Christmas Tree !!

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