Rs 1 Bn Worth Of Gold Disappear From Kedarnath Temple?

Santosh Trivedi, a senior priest at the Kedarnath Temple in the state, has made accusations that Rs 1 billion worth of gold has disappeared from the Kedarnath Temple.

On 16 June, Pahadi Khabarnama News, an Uttarakhand news website, published a video of Santosh Trivedi, a senior priest at the Kedarnath Temple in the state, making accusations that a massive scam has taken place in the temple.

In the video, he alleges that the ₹125 crore worth of gold used to layer the walls of the sanctum sanctorum in the Kedarnath Temple has been replaced by brass.

“… [the sanctum sanctorum] was studded with gold months back, but when I entered [the temple] today, the gold had been switched with brass! … ₹125 crores worth of gold is gone! This is fraud!”

Santosh Trivedi (Translated from Hindi to English)

Trivedi also stated in the recording that he believed a member of the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee (BKTC) – the committee that oversees both major temples in the area – was liable for the missing gold.

But how much truth is there to the accusations? How did they begin, and what does the BKTC have to say? Here’s what we know.

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