Roman Abramovich Poisoned After Brokering Peace Talks Between Russia And Ukraine

Ever since commencement of the conflict, Abramovich has been mediating talks between Moscow and Kyiv. However, Roman Abramovich was poisoned after brokering peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

Roman Abramovich Poisoned After Brokering Peace Talks Between Russia And Ukraine

After meeting with Russian and Ukrainian officials and trying to arrange peace talks between both the two nations, sanctioned Russian millionaire Roman Abramovich allegedly suffered from poisoning symptoms.

After a conference with Ukrainian and Russian delegates in Kyiv earlier in the month, Abramovich reportedly struggled from a momentary loss of vision, eating troubles, and peeling skin on his face and hands, as per the Wall Street Journal. Abramovich is presently under sanctions from numerous nations and is said to have a wealth of almost $8 billion, according to Forbes.

Bellingcat, a European investigative journalism and fact-checking organization, stated Monday that three individuals, including Abramovich and two Ukrainian delegates present at the conference, had demonstrated symptoms consistent with chemical poisoning.

“Not intended to kill, it was just a warning,” Bellingcat concluded. The same was found in the Journal’s reporting.

Although sources close to Abramovich told the Journal that they felt Kremlin operatives trying to derail peace talks were to blame, it is uncertain who would have poisoned Abramovich and the Ukrainian delegation.

Chemical poisoning assaults on dissidents and political opponents have been blamed on the Kremlin in the past, more recently after Russian leader of the opposition Alexei Navalny got hospitalized after allegedly getting in touch with a “Soviet-era nerve agent.” Alexander Litvinienko, an ex KGB agent shifted defector and outspoken adversary of the Kremlin, perished in London in 2006 after consuming a nerve agent. Two Russian operatives were found guilty of the offence by the European Court of Human Rights (read below) in 2021.

Ever since commencement of the conflict, Abramovich has been mediating talks between Moscow and Kyiv. Soon after the intervention, a spokesperson for the oligarch said that Ukrainian officials had approached him and asked him to assist negotiate a peace accord with Putin. At the end of February, Abramovich was reported to have had an “advocacy” position during one of the first attempted peace negotiations in Belarus.

The Kremlin previously made comparable accusations, claiming that Ambramovich was directly engaged in Moscow-Kyiv peace negotiations. And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the oligarch has been attempting to assist Ukraine by facilitating peace talks, even requesting the US to exclude Abramovich from penalties on Sunday.

Although the United States is still to sanction Abramovich, he has been sanctioned by Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. The possession of English soccer team Chelsea F.C. apparently hampered the United Kingdom’s determination to sanction Abramovich, who was sanctioned weeks later than some other billionaires. Authorities in England claim that the oligarch has had “close links” to Putin for years.

Abramovich placed his football club and his $260 million London property up on the market at the start of March, before being slammed with sanctions on March 10. He reportedly put his $50 million property in Colorado on the market last week, anticipating for possible US sanctions.

Despite his various assets in England, Abramovich has seldom visited in recent times. He had become a citizen of Israel in 2018, where he possesses more properties.

While Abramovich has not been sanctioned in the United States, his international holdings have been blocked in large part. To avoid being taken by foreign authorities, the billionaire has been said to be continuously moving his more costly possessions, including his $700 million superyacht.

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