Is Dr Robert Malone The Original Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Technology Or Not?

Dr. Robert Malone, referred to as the mRNA vaccine inventor, is now the target for criticism even among his own peers. This has garnered so much attention to the point that the name of Malone has been removed from a Wikipedia page on mRNA technology.

Is Dr Robert Malone The Original Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Technology Or Not?

Dr. Robert Malone, a well-known virologist and immunologist, has fallen into fire for expressing reservations and complaints about the present official governmental coronavirus approach, which includes vaccination mandates and child immunization.

Malone’s name was erased entirely from the Wikipedia page on the mRNA vaccination technology, in whose research Dr. Malone had been substantially committed, as the media reported in July 2021. Michael Haynes of LifeSite wrote in the report: “Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S., discovered RNA transfection and, while he was at the Salk Institute in San Diego in 1988, invented mRNA vaccines. His research was continued the next year at Vical, and between 1988 and 1989, Malone wrote the patent disclosures for mRNA vaccines.”

The preserved version of Dr. Malone’s entry from June 14, 2021, that explicitly reveals his significant participation in the initial invention of these mRNA technologies, can be observed in Wikipedia’s explanation of his crucial involvement in the development of the mRNA technology. The following is a portion of the entry:

In 1989, Robert W. Malone, P. Felgner, et. al. developed a high-efficiency in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection system using cationic liposomes, which were used “to directly introduce RNA into whole tissues and embryos”, as well as various cells types. The term and idea of “RNA as a drug” is first described in this paper. [15] Then, in 1990, Jon A. Wolff, Robert W Malone, et. al. demonstrated the idea of nucleic acid-encoded drugs by direct injecting in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA or plasmid DNA (pDNA) into the skeletal muscle of mice which expressed the encoded protein in the injected muscle. These studies were the first evidence that in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA could deliver the genetic information to produce proteins within living cell tissue. [16][17]

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The first mRNA vaccine experiments were carried out by P. Felgner, J. Wolff, G. Rhodes, R.W. Malone and D. Carson. P. They completed a number of mRNA vaccination studies that resulted in nine patents on mRNA vaccination with a shared priority date of March 21, 1989.

Dr. Malone’s name has already been scrapped altogether from the present Wikipedia entry, except for a few footnotes.

Despite the fact that this report was published in July 2021, it appears that some people still deny Dr. Malone’s pivotal involvement in the creation of this revolutionary technology.

Because of these continued rejections, Dr. Malone and his spouse and associate, Dr. Jill Malone, uploaded all of the patents and associated chronology to verify his involvement. On their own website, his wife remarks, and we’ll quote her in full:

Dr. Malone is the inventor of mRNA vaccines (and DNA vaccines). He also discovered lipid mediated and naked RNA transfection technologies.

It all started when he was at the Salk Institute in 1987 and 1988. There, he pioneered in-vitro RNA transfection and also in-vivo RNA transfection (in frog embryos, as well as mice).

This resulted in his seminal paper: Cationic liposome-mediated RNA transfection RW Malone, PL Felgner, IM Verma. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 86 (16), 6077-6081

His filed patent and disclosures from the Salk included in-vivo RNA transfection, mRNA as a drug, mRNA production, transient gene therapy and also methods for mRNA stabilization. These are available for review and can be found in the link below this statement.

When he left the Salk Institute, he moved his research over to Vical in 1988. He brought over mRNA, constructs, reagents that were developed at the Salk institute by Dr. Malone. The first in-vivo mammalian rat experiments were designed by Dr. Malone in January, 1989: this included dosing amounts for the in-vivo experiments. As he had brought his constructs, plasmids, reagents from the Salk Institute, he was easily able to ramp up his research program at Vical – where he was the only employee actually working on this technology at the time. The first in-vivo mouse experiments were performed in February, 1989 when mRNA and DNA was sent to Dr. Jon Wolff via Fedex. Dr.Wolff and his technicians at the University of Wisconsin injected mice and rats. The initial patent disclosures for RNA and DNA vaccination were written by Dr. Malone in 1988-1989. Dr. Malone was also an inventor of DNA vaccines in 1988 and 1989. He wrote the patent disclosures (again found in the the link below) and helped design the initial experiments, which were carried out by Dr. Gary Rhodes – in consultation with Dr. Malone.

The Malones afterward supply links to the first publications relating with all these newer technologies, including the first in-vivo RNA transfection data: Cationic liposome-mediated RNA transfection, R W Malone, P L Felgner, and I M Verma PNAS August 1, 1989 86 (16) 6077-6081, and even the first displaying data for DNA and RNA transfection side by side for in-vivo, Direct gene transfer into mouse muscle in vivo (the first paper for Science. 1990;247(4949 Pt 1):1465-8. Wolff JA, Malone RW, et al.

The Malones additionally present links to several of the patents in this sector, one of which is directly related to DNA vaccine technology and bears Dr. Malone’s name.

The Malone website contains a wealth of information, including multiple patents and articles.

Nonetheless, some people feel compelled to undermine Dr. Malone’s authority.

For instance, on January 14, Alex Berenson, one of the first critics of the official corona approach in the United States, particularly its lockdown regulations, publicly chastised Dr. Malone. Berenson (who has also harshly condemned the COVID photos) utilised the opportunity to slam Malone while speaking on a Fox News broadcast with Raymond Arroyo to address the reality that both authors had been blacklisted and cancelled by Twitter.

“I don’t think Dr. Malone does himself or those of us who are trying to raise questions about the vaccines any favors,” he claimed, “when he refers to himself as the inventor of the mRNA technology,” and then added: “That is clearly a large exaggeration. And I don’t think he does us any favors when he says that ivermectin has been proven to work. I think that is a huge overstatement of the case.”

Despite Arroyo’s protests that “this is not ‘get the guest’ hour,” the harm had already been done. Arroyo then requested a response from Malone.

“Yes,” he responded, “nine issued patents all filed in 1989, all covering this technology including the initial reduction to practice, all with my name on them. I would call that the original inventor, and I wrote the initial disclosures, Alex.”

Dr. Malone remarked, “That was a low blow.” He further said that the anti-parasitic medicine ivermectin is widely used in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to combat COVID, and also that they “have flatlined the disease.”

“Both of your statements are going to fail with the test of time, but that’s not this discussion,” Dr. Malone concluded.

“I was shocked,” Malone told The Daily Beast later. “And so was the host [Raymond Arroyo] of Fox. Fox apologized to me for it. It was out of the blue. I have no idea what brought it on. I’ve never had any interaction with the guy, I don’t know him, I’ve never met him, I have had no correspondence with him. What would provoke him to do that, I can only speculate. And I don’t want to speculate.” On his Substack, Malone responded to Berenson’s criticism in greater detail.

Even the Israeli government attempted to dispute Dr. Malone’s skills and achievements in the wake of these momentous events. Dr. Malone’s now-famous exhortation not to vaccinate children, which drew a huge amount of publicity in Israel, prompted this attack. On December 19, 2021, the Israeli Ministry of Health published a response to Malone’s anti-vaccination concerns regarding children.

“In a nutshell,” the official post stated, “He did not invent mRNA technology, nor the technology of the vaccine for coronavirus and he has been spreading fake news since the outbreak of the pandemic.” He’s been dubbed a “man who spreads lies,” with one of his alleged lies being that the corona vaccinations are “toxic.”

“A few words on Robert Malone,” the post stated. “Robert Malone had some involvement in the development of the technology in cells and in frogs some time back in the late 1980s as a student. That’s it. He did not invent the vaccine for coronavirus.”

It’s noteworthy that this article tries to confuse the assertion that Dr. Malone developed the original mRNA technology with the erroneous claim that he created the contemporary coronavirus vaccinations, something he never produced.

Dr. Malone recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s Joe Rogan Experience show, where he discussed his own serious adverse effects following the second Moderna shot.

He has also openly embraced Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan’s appeal for something like an anti-globalist coalition, and has become more vocal in his opposition to public lockdown rules and vaccine mandates, such as those enacted in Austria and Germany. Additionally, in consideration of Omicron’s modest symptoms and mounting evidence of vaccine-related serious side effects, the virologist is increasingly recommending that these immunizations be eliminated entirely.

He told Stew Peters on his show in January: “It is a huge number of deaths and adverse events that are directly linked to these vaccines. But we’ve known for a long time that the truth would come out.”

In consideration of the challenges with government statistics and how it is created, Dr. Malone went on to remark that when “you run the risk benefit analysis, you end up all the way from birth to death to 80 years old, showing that the risk benefit analysis is such that you will have more morbidity and mortality associated with the jab than you have from the disease.

The efforts to discredit Dr. Malone’s credibility must be considered in light of these forceful assertions.

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  1. …Dr. Malone is sacrosanct in this field…the attacks against him are political in nature, not medical…Berenson is dumb as a brick…

  2. In a world gone mad , lies (mis-information) advance and liars are promoted. The ‘light-of-day’ is now dawning , unstoppably so , and is evidenced by CNN, MSNBC, et al declining in the arena of free ideas. It’s wonderful to be in the sunshine again , n’est-ce pas ? …. …. shalom, al jenkins

  3. It’s funny because these lunatic doctors are demonstrating exactly what Dr. Malone said. Mass formation psychosis. If you have them trace back the logic that led them to have an emotional reaction to Dr Malone… they’ll be forced to face something or someone they mistakenly believed without confirming for themselves.

  4. Times is a propaganda rag of the cia.Bit,he earlier suposedly was antimask and antijab,both positions wete reasonable and supported by DECADES OF NONCORRUPT,VERIFIED SCIENCE.HE SEEMS TO BE A CLONE OR SOMETHING AS HE NOW IS TAKING THE OPPOSITE VIEW.CLONES,SYNTHS,CYBORGS,MINCONTROL IS VERY REAL.TheCrowhouse.c had a vid pisted a couple months ago of realistic human arms and legs in piles at a factory.He soon after was intimidated and fled quickly from,truth11.c,,citizenwells.c,TheCamelotprojectportal and others attest to what I say as true.David Marshall,also.Malone should sue the Israeli whomever was busy spouting blatant lies,such as the deathjabs arent toxic when the ingredient lists and effects have Objectively proven otherwise.Wikipedia has LONG BEEN SURVEILED BY AND EDITTED DAILY BY MOSSAD.THE CREATOR OF IT WAS WORKING ON AN UNCORRUPTED VERSION.I dont know if its complete.Israel is evil central,kazharian headquarters,trust 0 from them.

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