Risky investment styles that can pay off when mastered

It’s not one-size-fits-all in the investment world, that’s for sure. Naively thinking “investing is investing” is wrong, as this will get you nowhere. Investing in whatever it may be, is extremely complex and individual. First, before you embark on your journey as an investor it is important to know what type of investing suits you and your style. If you don’t know this it will be extremely hard to get any investment plans in place. Without a plan or preparation you are pretty much already bankrupt before you begin. It is easy to think you have a concrete plan when in reality you don’t have any at all. 

In this article, you’ll find different styles of investments and who it would suit. So, if you recognize yourself in that, that style might be for you. Investing styles depend on many things, such as how much time you are willing to spend, how aggressively you take risks, how frequently you are willing to contribute to your portfolio and others. At InvestingStrategy.co.uk you can get more in-depth information. 

Swing trading or Day trading

As the name implies, trading like this happens in a short period of time, usually within a few days or a week. This is where investors go in with a large amount of money at once and pull out quickly, with their profits.

This investing style is for people who are willing to spend 2-4hours a day charting and analysing the markets. They spend and take a huge risk on their capital. For daytrading you can start with a bare minimum of $/£/€250 to offset the fees. But, on average a day trader goes in with a few $/£/€10.000’s 

CFD Margin Trading or Contract For Difference Margin trading

CFD trading with margin is probably the riskiest on this list, because trading with margin is pretty much trading with debt. You predict if at the end of a certain period the closing price of that stock will be up or down, from the moment you start the CFD trade. This trading requires a load of knowledge on the matter and is not the most accessible way of trading. This is more for advanced traders, or beginners willing to learn. 

This investmentment style is for people to take out debt in order to be able to trade with a bigger capital without actually having that money on hand. This is also for people willing to spend time learning and studying how to invest with margins or CFDs. 

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