PM Hopeful Rishi Sunak Promises To Fight ‘Woke Nonsense’ If He Leads UK Government

After Boris Johnson’s resignation as prime minister, the UK Conservative Party leadership contest got under way. The preservation of conservative values seems to be a top priority for the contestants. Amidst this, PM hopeful Rishi Sunak has promised to fight the ‘woke nonsense’ if he leads the UK government.

PM Hopeful Rishi Sunak Promises To Fight Woke Nonsense If He Leads UK Government

Rishi Sunak, a contender for the Tory leadership and a potential candidate for prime minister of the United Kingdom, stated on Friday that he has pledged to amend the country’s Equalities Act in order to dislodge the “woke nonsense” that is “permeating public life.”

The Tory leadership candidate reportedly stated that if elected prime minister, he will “stand up to left-wing agitators” and “defend British freedoms” despite claiming to have “zero interest in fighting a so-called culture war.”

Sunak is attempting to influence his fellow party members ahead of the final vote within a few weeks for the opportunity to occupy the renowned House No. 10 Downing Street. Sunak is trailing Liz Truss, his major competitor, in the polls.

Sunak indicated that he wants to keep gendered terminology like “woman” and “mother” by making sure that sex is defined in the 2010 Equality Act as biological sex.

“It has been a Trojan horse that has allowed every kind of woke nonsense to permeate public life. My government would review the Act to ensure we keep legitimate protections while stopping mission creep,” he said, per the report.

Furthermore, the former chancellor claimed that he intended to make it absolutely obvious that gender self-identification is not legally binding. Additionally, in his first public policy promise during his leadership candidacy, he allegedly declared that he would oppose permitting biological males to participate against women in sports and would protect single-sex services.

In order to “shield” youngsters from “inappropriate material,” his approach to “protect British freedoms” also asks for greater legislative guidance for schools regarding how to teach about relationships and sexuality.

Furthermore, Sunak is set to address his followers on Saturday that his government will “safeguard our shared cultural, historical, and philosophical heritage.”

“What’s the point in stopping the bulldozers in the green belt if we allow left-wing agitators to take a bulldozer to our history, our traditions and our fundamental values? Whether it’s pulling down statues of historic figures, replacing the school curriculum with anti-British propaganda, or rewriting the English language so we can’t even use words like ‘man’ woman’ or ‘mother’ without being told we’re offending someone?” he is expected to say in the speech. “It’s not us who are the aggressors; we have zero interest in fighting a so-called culture war. But we are determined to end the brainwashing, the vandalism and the finger pointing.”

But despite the fact that just 8% of Conservative party members place a high priority on “combatting the woke agenda,” the so-called “culture wars” have dominated the conversation over the party’s leadership.

The contentious gender and identity issues that have come up throughout the Tory leadership contest have also been addressed by Foreign Secretary Truss.

For example, Truss has pushed for single-sex restrooms. This Thursday, she told a hustings audience that she is in favor of a rule that would ensure schoolgirls can use the restroom in a secure environment.

“I’ve been very clear that single-sex spaces should be protected” she said.

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