Remdesivir Is Not A Wonder Drug And Not Meant For Covid-19 Patients: AIIMS Director Tells Patna HC

India’s top health expert has disclosed that the much sought after Remdesivir is not a wonder drug nor it is given either to mild or severe Covid-19 patients. Director of AIIMS, Dr P K Singh disclosed it before Patna High Court and submitted that this drug or injection was not meant for Covid-19 patients.

Remdesivir Is Not A Wonder Drug And Not Meant For Covid-19 Patients: AIIMS Director Tells Patna HC

“It’s not a wonder drug. Nor it is given either to mild or severe Covid-19 patients. There is no clinical study to prove its effectiveness in Covid-19. We, at AIIMS, do not give it to our patients,” said the AIIMS director, reiterating that it was neither a life-saving drug nor included in the protocol of Covid-19 patients.

The country’s top health expert’s remarks left the High Court division bench of justice Mohit Kumar Shah and Chakradhari Sharan Singh surprised.

The HC wondered if this drug has nothing to do with Covid-19 patients then why Bihar Government had placed an order for procurement of this drug worth Rs 6.49 Cr.

“There is no action plan. Don’t hide your inefficiency,” the court told the top Health officials, including the Bihar Health Society executive director Manoj Kumar.

The High Court expressed its discontentment over mishandling this pandemic crisis.

The HC asked top health departments of Bihar to submit an affidavit expanding how ineffective or effective was this drug and why government had placed an order to buy the injection.

Officials are supposed to submit this affidavit on Wednesday.

The HC also asked government to explain whether the oxygen shortage issue at many hospitals was over.

The HC asked government to highlight the fact about the injection after AIIMS director disclosed that “there was an unnecessary fear prevailing among common people about Remdesivir.”

Untold history of Remdesivir

Behind the benign image of Remdesivir vaccine manufacturer, Gilead Science has a dark history of allegations of bioterrorism, including having Pentagon to bomb a competitors factory under the false pretext of association with Al-Qaeda.

Igor Kirillov, the Head of the Russian Forces for radiological, chemical and biological weapons was of the opinion that with the Sovaldi tests, the pharmaceutical firm Gilead Sciences was testing out illegal arms for the Pentagon.

India was arm-twisted to grant patent to Gilead Sciences for the same drug in India.

Gilead was also part of the vaccine lobby at whose behest WHO faked a pandemic in 2009.

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