Relevance of Jokers in Teen Patti

Are you in search of something that would excite you to the core? Well! You have ended up in the right place. 

Indian is where this game originated, and it is most popularly celebrated in South Asia. Teen Patti is being tagged as a social game and has its association with Hindu celebrations. 

It is widely believed that whoever gambles on Diwali night would turn prosperous. And that is the reason Teen Patti is mostly played during the Diwali festival. 

Why is Teen Patti popular?

There will be hardly any people who wouldn’t love to have fun. That too, Indians naturally have a thing for entertainment. Teen Patti casino is a fun and entertaining game and can be played by family members of all age groups. 

It binds everyone together and creates a jovial environment that no one dares to miss. Many variations of this game are now available online, thereby giving the players the liberty to choose the variation they like.

A guide to play Teen Patti

This game should be played with a group of people, either 3 or 6, involving 52 cards with or without including Joker. Every player will be assigned three cards facing down. 

The ranking is significant when it comes to Teen Patti. Starting from A and ending at 2, the cards get the highest to the lowest rank. The opportunity of winning and losing is based mainly on luck and a little on strategy. 


Wouldn’t a game turn more exciting and fun with bets? 

1. each player must bet an equal amount of rupees if it is a bet match.

2. Once the game starts, the players have the liberty to choose how they want to play, either seen or blind.

3. By choosing on playing ‘seen’, you can see your cards.

4. If you choose to play ‘blind’, you won’t be able to see your cards.

5. This game comes to an end when all except one or two players have their cards folded. 

Jokers in Teen Patti

It is not always compulsory to use jokers in the play. If you want to add more fun into the play, add two more jokers, making a little twist in the game. 

Another way to play the joker variation of this game is to consider numbers as jokers. Once the players are assigned three cards each, a person has to select a card at random. The other cards belonging to the same rank will be considered wild cards, which means Joker. 

If the first selected wild card turns out to be ‘K’, all the other K’s are considered a joker. If you have a joker card, then you turn lucky because if you have two cards in sequence, you can always use the wild card and claim that you have made the sequence. 

This game’s primary goal is to possess three cards of sequence, or cards of the same rank or the same colour, that have the highest value.

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