Recycling Releases Microplastics Into Water Supply – Shocking Study

A shocking study reported in the Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances revealed that recycling releases microplastics into the water supply.

A team of environmental engineers at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and Dalhousie University Halifax in Canada has found that techniques for recycling plastics may inadvertently lead to increased environmental microplastics. In their study, reported in the Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances, the group tested water used to clean plastic at a recycling plant.

By most accounts, plastic recycling efforts have been a resounding failure. Prior research has shown that only 9% of plastic worldwide is recycled—in the U.S., it is only 5%. This is despite millions of people around the world dutifully separating out their plastic bottles; most of them wind up in landfills anyway. And now, it appears that the recycling process itself might be making things worse. In this new effort, the research team received permission to test a plastic recycling plant to see if it was emitting plastic pollution.

A study conducted by researchers from Tulane University, Louisiana found high levels of toxic metals in widely consumed drinks.

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