Heavily Armed German Police Officers Raid Mask Free School Started By Parents

Heavily armed German police officers have raided a mask free school started by parents to protect their kids from tyrannical COVID regulations. Money and school supplies were also seized by the cops.

Heavily Armed German Police Officers Raid Mask Free School Started By Parents

Following a raid by highly armed officers on January 20, a German school that was not registered with the authorities and where students were being tutored in a mask-free atmosphere was forced to close.

Parents established the institution to safeguard their kids from some of the most traumatizing and lengthy detrimental impacts of COVID regulations, such as mask requirements, which are being enforced on German students.

The authorities were warned that school-aged youngsters were getting educated at a privately owned location in a small village near Erlangen, Bavaria, during school time, according to local sources.

Just after the raid, the city of Erlangen said that the institution was already suspended because it was “operating without a permit.”

There have been earlier fruitless investigations at the school, involving an effort by officers to get entrance to the premises without even a warrant, as per the German online website reitschuster.de.

According to one of the moms, on January 20, 30 to 35 law enforcement officers rushed the residence in full uniform, covered in black, and armed with batons and automatic rifles.

The school’s main entry doorway was smashed open with a battering ram. The city of Erlangen’s office for media and public affairs later verified this.

The 15 kids there on that day, ranging in age from 4 to 14, sought to flee to the top floor but were apprehended by the authorities. They were then segregated from their families and hustled to the 2nd floor, where they were independently interrogated for four hours.

As per reitschuster.de, the police employed intimidation techniques to gather evidence from the children, informing them that if they declined to reveal their identities, they would just be thrown in juvenile detention centres. Before their kids could be released to them, the police informed the families that they would need to submit a missing person’s report.

Money and school supplies were also seized by the cops. Following an investigation, the city of Erlangen declared that any seized goods would be recovered.

The youngsters had been required to wear a mask from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at their former schools, even while using the lavatory. The mask could only be raised, not totally detached, when eating.

One mother described it as a “torture method,” claiming that a few of her kids collapsed at home after being required to wear the mask for the whole day.

Parents engaged in the mask-free school are sceptical that taking the case to court will help. In the past, mask regulations have been fulfilled.

Children in Germany are compelled to attend school in government-approved settings. Private schools, for the most part, follow a government-approved syllabus. Homeschooling is not permitted.

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  1. These Nazis are trying to finish up Hitler’s work. Kill and sacrifice the children in the name of that dirty demon. Now the new world order sick Satan lovers are in on it in all couuntys. Do not COMPLY!

  2. Agree totally all these Nazi officers need hung for being N.W.O. supporters , Nuremberg 2.0 cannot come quick enough

  3. Anyone who ever thought Germans in a uniform were going to be different than their Aucshwitz forebears? I didn’t. They’re worse than ever, and have even come up with an excuse to make killing people for not obeying them socially acceptable. Pay as you go karma – people will rise up and start slaughtering these genocidal police. As they should.

  4. Please do not be so bigoted as to judge an entire nation’s population by the actions of a few monsters. There are many people living in Germany that are pro-freedom and pro-choice. It is clear that the German government, on the other hand, has been owned by the toxic chemical industry. Shame on those officers that are complicit in the wrongful attacks on peaceful citizens that are only trying to protect their children.

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