Watch: Nokia CEO Says Cell Phones Will Be Built Directly Into Our Bodies At Davos

A speaker at the World Economic Forum conference at Davos in 2022 projected that people and cell phones would merge. At the event, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark stated that he believes cell phone technology  “will be built directly into our bodies” within a decade.

Nokia CEO Says Cell Phones Will Be Built Directly Into Our Bodies At Davos

Watch the video below:

Lundmark said that by 2030, the connection interfaces we use to interact will have changed so dramatically that individuals who use conventional smart phones would be in the minority.

People will be wearing face-wearable equipment like spectacles with smart phone tech capabilities before that transpires, he believes.

In January 2022, Nokia published an article in which it predicted a “world that fuses the digital, physical, and human domains to create revolutionary immersive experiences.”

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According to Nokia, we should expect the “coming together of machines, ambient data, intelligent knowledge systems, and robust computation capabilities that redefine how we live… This is exactly what we will experience with the arrival of 6G from 2030 .”

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Yuval Harari, another Davos attendee and WEF contributor, argues that artificial intelligence has facilitated humans to be hacked like computers.

Dr. Robert Malone, who feels that assertions about manipulating human biology and genes in a technological manner are off track, has slammed the Davos crowd’s science-fiction-sounding concepts.

Dr. Malone declared at the World Council for Health’s Better Way summit in May 2022: “I want to talk a little bit about this transhumanism agenda, and the logic that we’re hackable beings… I have trouble reconciling the words that we’re hearing with my knowledge of the current state of the technology … These technologies are not capable of the task that is being asserted can be supported.”

Watch the video below:

He added: “… The truth is the technology is far more immature than we are being led to believe.”

He claimed the following about the general scientific claims of the Great Reset: “What I’m struck by is how immature the logic is and how faulty the science is… What is being asserted as true… is a fantasy.”

“Are these people stupid?” Malone asked rhetorically.

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