Philadelphia Will PAY Women $1000 A Month To Get Pregnant

Pregnant women in Philadelphia will be paid $1,000 a month as part of a trial program hoping to lower infant mortality rates in the city.

Starting next year, 250 expectant mothers will receive the no-strings-attached payments from their third month of pregnancy through their baby’s first birthday.

The pilot program, known as the Philly Joy Bank, will operate in the areas of the city with the highest rates of low birth weights — Cobbs Creek, Strawberry Mansion and Nicetown-Tioga.

Fertility in the US has plummeted in recent decades. The average American woman is now only having 1.6 children throughout her life, well below replacement level of 2.1

Of the ten most populated cities in the US, Philadelphia has the highest rate of infant mortality.

The scheme also comes amid a baby bust across America that is seeing fewer women than ever having children, amid changing family values.

Fertility rates have been continuously declining globally for the past half-century, the article below visualises it.

If you’re curious to delve deeper into the topic, read more about it here.

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