The Pfizer Vaccine Killed Derek McIntosh

According to data on the VAERS website, more than 40,000 people may have died from adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines. Many experts agree that VAERS is capturing only a small percentage of possible vaccine-related deaths. For example, Steve Kirsch believes at least 250,000 Americans have already died from vaccine injuries.

The Pfizer Vaccine Killed Derek McIntosh

One of these possible deaths was that of Derek McIntosh, 41, a native of Monticello, Minnesota who died early in the morning of January 4, 2022 – six days after getting his second Pfizer vaccine.

According to his surviving family members, McIntosh would be alive today if he’d not received his Covid vaccine. Family members believe that the shot that caused the death of their loved one was a travesty of justice, a travesty that has only multiplied since his death.

Since the death of his son, Derek’s father has spent hours every day perusing Internet sites and sending emails to any journalist who might be interested in telling Derek’s story.

Family members and friends have asked him why he does this.

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“I know 99 percent of people won’t respond, but there’s one guy who will,” says Jeff McIntosh.

I’m one of those one guys. I hope I tell the family’s story well.

Derek McIntosh didn’t want to get vaccinated. However, as a single father raising a 17-year-old son, he needed a job and an income and his employer (Kurt Manufacturing) had mandated the vaccine for employees.

According to Derek’s father Jeff McIntosh, who worked for decades at the same company, Kurt Manufacturing has several contracts with the U.S. government. The federal government mandated that any company that has government contracts must have 100 percent of its employees vaccinated by January 10th, 2022. (Just two weeks after Derek’s vaccination, the Supreme Court ruled this mandate was illegal).

Natural Immunity mRNA Boosters And COVID Highlights From Recent Scientific Literature 2
Derek McIntosh was in excellent health before his vaccine, say family members.

Derek could have filed for a religious exemption, but even if it was granted, he would still have had to pay for his own mandatory PCR tests and have to comply with other “penalties” like having to wear a mask every minute at work, according to his father.

“He just thought it was going to be a major hassle,” said his father. Plus, he needed the job and the income.

As his sister Kirstin McIntosh noted, “the vaccine was not mandated … unless he wanted to keep working.”

McIntosh got his first Pfizer shot on December 8th and his second on December 28th, 2021.

According to his sister, his first shot made him “feel sick” for a few days. At the time, he complained of a “racing heart.” Although he felt normal in a matter of days, his sister remembers him telling her, “the second shot might kill me.”

On the morning of December 28, Derek worked several hours before leaving work to go to a CVS pharmacy inside a Target store to get his second shot.

McIntosh almost immediately had adverse reaction

According to family members, Derek’s co-workers reported he was “fine” and seemed as normal as ever before leaving work. That changed almost immediately upon him getting his shot.

Derek began to experience symptoms and called in sick for the rest of the day.

According to his sister and father, Derek became nauseous and quickly developed a fever. Within two or three days, he couldn’t get out of bed, was throwing up and his nose was bleeding. He told his sister in a phone call that he felt like someone with epileptic seizures. He also had strange pains in his feet he’d never experienced before and his bones “felt like pin pricks.”

Derek finally called an ambulance around 1 a.m. on Monday, January 4th, 2022.

Derek’s son, Calvin, then a high school junior, came home around midnight from his late-night job. Around 1:30 his father woke up his only child and told him he felt as sick as he’d ever felt in his life and that he’d just called an ambulance, which was on the way.

His father was having difficulty speaking, but one of the last things he told his son was that he should never get the vaccine.

Moments after he told his son an ambulance was on the way, Calvin’s father collapsed in his son’s room.

Paramedics arrived at the house shortly after and immediately began to provide his father emergency medical attention. Calvin told every one he saw that his father had recently had his Covid vaccine, a revelation that seemed to resonate with at least some of the first-responders.

Derek’s heart stopped several times on the way to the local hospital, which didn’t have a room to treat his father, according to family members.

After several hours at the local hospital, Derek was transported via ambulance to the University of Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis (about a 45-minute drive).

As he recounted in another interview, Calvin told one of the first nurses he spoke to that his father had recently had his Pfizer shot. Her facial expression was one of “anger and guilt,” also later described as “alarm.” To Kirstin, this reaction was a “tell” that the nurse “had heard such stories many times by then.”

Once at the U of M hospital, the attending physician performed tests that showed his body had blood clots around the heart, lungs and also in his legs.

Derek McIntosh was declared dead at 5:57 a.m. His parents arrived at the hospital minutes after their only son passed away. While in shock, Jeff McIntosh did speak to the doctor who had treated his son. According to McIntosh, the doctor told him his son’s body was ravaged with blood clots, which caused his heart attack.

Family thought they’d ordered an autopsy

The doctor asked Mr. McIntosh if he wanted an autopsy performed. Mr. McIntosh remembers someone giving him “about five pages” of documents, which he signed to, he thought, authorize the autopsy.

Like Calvin and Kirstin, he “immediately” thought the vaccine had caused his son’s death.

The next day, the family got a phone call from the funeral home director who was handling Derek’s services. The funeral home director had seen an on-line version of the death certificate, which listed the “primary cause of death” as “cardiac arrest caused by blood clots to the heart and lungs.” The “secondary cause of death” was listed as “a severe reaction to the Covid vaccine.”

This information was shared over the phone and the funeral home director never printed out a hard copy, something she later told family members she regrets not doing.

A couple of days later, the funeral home director notified the family that the medical examiner did NOT sign the death certificate listing the Covid vaccine as a “secondary” cause of death.

Also, the autopsy the family thought was going to be performed was never done. Since Derek McIntosh was cremated, no autopsy could later be performed.

The family did not receive a death certificate until at least six weeks later. Typically a death certificate is issued within eight days. Such a certificate is needed to deal with myriad estate issues. When the family asked the medial examiner why the delay, they were told that toxicology tests had to be performed and it would take several weeks for these results to be known.

When, weeks later, they’d still not received the death certificate, Derek’s mother called the medical examiner, seeking answers. Eventually the family received the signed death certificate, which made no mention of the Covid vaccine. As it turns out, no toxicology report had ever been performed.

To this day, the family does not understand why no autopsy was performed and why there was a delay in the issuance of the death certificate if no toxicology tests were ever performed.

According to Mr. McIntosh, the report lists natural causes as the reason for his death and mentions the fact Derek suffered from liver issues four years earlier.

Natural Immunity mRNA Boosters And COVID Highlights From Recent Scientific Literature 3
Derek as he appeared four days before his 2nd Pfizer vaccine.

Derek was in peak health before his 2nd vaccine

But Derek’s son, sister and father said Derek hadn’t had any health-related issues in years.

In fact, he seemed to be the picture of good health. He exercised regularly, was a cycling enthusiast, walked the family dog “for miles’ every night, was not over weight, did not smoke and was somewhat of a health food enthusiast. He never took any drugs, legal or illegal, and only very rarely took Tylenol or Aleve even when he had a bad headache.

In short, common sense said the vaccine must have killed Derek.

“Couldn’t they put two and two together?” asked his sister. “What caused those blood clots?”

Kirstin said she later spoke to a retired coroner who was dumfounded an autopsy had not been performed.

“At 41, you don’t die from natural causes,” said Kirstin.

According to Derek’s father, the medical examiner was always “dismissive and short” when dealing with the family.

Obituary goes viral

Derek’s death did attract some national or local attention due to the obituary his sister and son wrote. The obituary included this language:

“During the last weeks of his life, however, the world turned dark with heavy-handed vaccine mandates. The Governments were determined to strip away his right to consult his wisdom and enjoy his freedom. He had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine, so thank you Joe Biden for bringing on a premature death of a life not fully lived …”

The local paper would’t run the obituary, but the funeral home did run it – at least for a few days before telling the family they needed to “edit” it, which the family did by deleting the last sentence about Joe Biden.

However, a few newspapers picked up the obituary, which was shared 15,000 times – far more times than any other obituary ever published by the funeral home, according to Jeff McIntosh.

Since Derek’s death, the family has never stopped trying to get proof that the vaccine caused Derek’s death. They’ve spoken to numerous lawyers, all of whom tell them they have no legal case.

“Law firms won’t go after anything dealing with the vaccine. They say there’s nothing they can pursue,” said Jeff McIntosh.

However, one law firm is representing the family in a workmen’s comp lawsuit.

The family’s position is that Derek’s death was “work-related” because his employer mandated that he get the vaccine. This suit was initially unsuccessful, but an appeal might prevail if the family can get the death certificate to list the vaccine as at least a secondary cause of death.

Go Fund Me site helps Calvin stay in his house

Since his father passed away, Calvin has been living at his late father’s home. Described by his aunt as an honor student who is “mature beyond his years,” Calvin would like to finish his senior year of high school in his hometown.

The alternative media site SGT Report (which has been banned by YouTube) aired a podcast interview with Calvin and Kirstin. The host of the podcast, who only goes by his first name of Sean, helped publicize a Go Fund Me site that has raised $33,000 from 735 donors. This money plus money from his grandparents and aunt have allowed Calvin to remain in his family home.

Kirstin and her father say they are simply trying to raise awareness about the many other people in their situation. Family members believe the real cause of Derek’s death has been “covered up” by officials. They say people can make their own decisions about getting vaccinated, but if Derek’s story can save one life, they feel they will have done something worthwhile.

What happened to her brother and her family is “maddening” and “keeps me up at night. I still don’t understand how they can get away with this,” said Kirstin.

For reasons hard to fathom to some of us, most families have chosen to accept the death of a loved one from Covid vaccines without a word of protest. But not this family.

“We are going to fight this cause for the rest of our lives,” said Kirstin.

Kirstin’s father is going to keep contacting journalists and hopes one day some kind of class action lawsuit becomes possible.

He and his wife lost their only son. Calvin lost his father at the age of 41.

“I’m not going to let this die,” said Jeff McIntosh.

Bill Rice, Jr. is a freelance journalist from Troy, Alabama. His articles and commentary explore the theme that conventional wisdom (aka The Narrative) is often wrong. This article was originally published on Bill Rice Jr.’s Newsletter.

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