Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional

In an interview on a radio show, former Pfizer exec Michael Yeadon said he believes the leaky vaccine was intentional and said there’s evidence of supranational coordination between it and health officials.

Former Pfizer Exec Believes Leaky Vaccine Was Intentional 1

One of the most vocal critics of COVID mandates and COVID-19 shots is Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice president and chief scientific adviser for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer as well as the founder and CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, which is now owned by Novartis. In this captivating conversation with British radio host Maajid Nawaz, he explains why he thinks the stories surrounding COVID-19 are false and that they were created on purpose to exert control over society.

Yeadon is in a unique position to discuss this subject because he holds degrees in respiratory pharmacology, toxicology, and biochemistry. You’ve probably seen Yeadon in interviews before, but I urge you to watch this one since he clarifies certain things I’ve never heard him talk about. You will be happy you took the time to listen to him because he is one of the smartest men in this field.

“So, I understand… inside of cells and how cells and tissues talk to each other, and how dangerous chemicals can affect and injure humans and others,” he says in the video.  Yeadon not only explains why COVID-19 shots are ineffective, but he also goes into depth about one of the most horrendous blunders that was made—using spike protein in the vaccine.

Yeadon explains, “First, you’ve been lied to about the magnitude of the threat represented by this entity called SARS-CoV-2 and the disease COVID-19. Been lied to about that, in every way, shape and form … the bottom line is, we’ve been lied to and it’s deliberate, and they knew it, and no action was needed whatsoever, other than if you’re sick, stay home” .”  Furthermore, the 2009 swine flu pandemic may have set the wheel in motion.

The 2009 Swine Flu Was the Final Dress Rehearsal for COVID

Before the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic started in 2009, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and France struck secret agreements with the pharmaceutical industry saying that they would buy H1N1 flu vaccinations – but only if a pandemic level 6 was proclaimed by the World Health Organization.

No one at WHO was concerned about the virus six weeks before the pandemic was announced, but the media was exaggerating the dangers.  Then, in the month before the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, WHO revised the definition of a pandemic, eliminating the severity and high mortality criteria and replacing it with “a worldwide epidemic of a disease.” 

Only 144 individuals had died from the infection globally when WHO changed the definition to declare swine flu a pandemic. The Council of Europe’s then-head of health, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, accused pharmaceutical companies of trying to influence WHO’s pandemic declaration in 2010. He referred to the swine flu as a “false pandemic” that was created by Big Pharma, which profited from the public health scare.

The swine flu pandemic, which Wodarg called “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century,” is quite similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yeadon clarified:

“He [Wodarg] was public health officer and a politician during the swine flu pandemic in 2009. And some very similar things that happened in COVID were happening in 2009. There’s a very interesting experience here and I think 2009 was the final dress rehearsal for COVID.

They misused PCR, they overdiagnosed cases, they twisted the arms of governments all around the world to pay for billions of dollars’ worth of vaccines, and not very good antivirals.

And then they all ran off. And Wodarg was the one that managed to point out in the second season that it was a false positive pseudo epidemic. It was all bad PCR testing. And as soon as they fix the PCR, it all went away. All went away.”

PCR Tests Labeled Healthy People Sick

During the COVID-19 pandemic, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing were performed for the first time ever to determine an individual ‘s health. Even if you had no symptoms, if the test was positive, you would still be classified as sick and added to the case count.

The COVID-19 PCR tests make use of a potent amplification technique that renders them so sensitive that they can even identify the traces of a dead virus months after infection.

COVID-19, according to Wodarg, “was a test” pandemic. Because PCR tests may produce a positive result when they discover coronaviruses that have been around for 20 years, it was not a virus pandemic. The late Kary Mullis, Ph.D., who invented PCR tests, stated that they weren’t intended to be used for clinical diagnoses. Yeadon explained:

“And the reason is … that the PCR test has a theoretical lower limit, that is, what’s the smallest amount it might detect and give a positive result, the smallest amount is one, one virus, one piece of a virus.

… And then basically, every time you run a cycle of this polymerase chain reaction, like cranking a handle, it gets hot and cold, hot and cold, and it goes through basically a doubling, every cycle is a doubling …

So basically, if there’s an infinitesimally tiny amount of a piece of a virus, or the sequence you allege is a virus, in the sample, and then you run it 40 cycles, you could get a positive result even though there’s only one piece of one virus — not enough to make you ill, not enough to make you infectious.”

The similar tactic was applied to deaths classified as COVID-related in COVID, but only because they had been incorrectly grouped into that category because a positive test result had been recorded within 28 days of the death. According to Nawaz, “if you die from something entirely unrelated but you’ve tested positive by a PCR test and you die within that 28 days, that’s counted as a COVID death.”

90% of COVID Immune Response Is Not to Spike Protein

Yeadon emphasizes that COVID-19 shots contain “design errors.” The primary issue with them is that there is no dose at which you can obtain observable benefits without accompanying harms, which are far more detrimental to the population as a whole than any potential benefits. It was also a mistake to employ the spike protein because it has been recognized for more than ten years that it has negative effects on humans:

“There are no gene based vaccines on the market for very good reasons. And that’s one of the problems. But let’s see, you could like pull it pull it apart, you can pull the spike off, you could pull the ball in the middle of this virus, which bit would you give to people? … what you would do is ask, what’s the toxicity of the bit I’m going to give to a person?

So if I told you that the spike protein, like a floating landmine in … the sea with the spikes sticking out, I told you that we’ve known for more than a decade that the spike bits from related viruses had unwanted biology that could cause blood to coagulate and activate platelets and make blood clots. That’s true.

And if you knew those things, you’d think well, probably a bad idea then to give them the spike to train on … So the fact that they chose spike protein, gene for spike protein, make your body become a manufacturing center briefly to make that virus spike protein — that’s the first mistake.”

Yeadon further claims that exposure to the spike protein in the shots does not cause the human body to generate its best immune responses, which occur after a natural COVID-19 infection. He claims “90% of the immune response to COVID are two bits of the virus that are not spike protein. So I think I am right that that was not the best bit to give, because it’s not the thing your body likes to respond to.”

For the Next Pandemic Understand Vaccines Are Not the Answer’

By publicly declaring that COVID-19 was “pandemic one” and that “pandemic two” is on the way, Bill Gates has made it very clear that the next pandemic is inevitable. “We’ll have to prepare for the next one. That will get attention this time ,” he smiled.  The inference is that another experimental mRNA shot will be much easier to obtain “next time” and much quicker to administer to the populace. However, Yeadon wants the general public to understand from COVID-19 that shots aren’t the answer.

“It’s really important that you listen to me here, that if there’s another respiratory virus, you must know this time that whatever however they design, the damn vaccine is the wrong answer. It’s the wrong answer for loads of reasons. One is, you will generate an immune response in your blood that cannot possibly affect infection, it doesn’t matter what it is, it won’t affect infection.

Secondly, if you if you design it using spike protein from some other virus, then if it has that same property of causing toxicity, it will cause toxicity because when you inject these gene based vaccines, it’s like launching a go kart that has an accelerator, no steering wheel and no brakes … there’s nothing in the design of these vaccines that limits where they go.

Some of it will go into your brain, the back of your eyes, your ovaries or testes, your blood vessels or your heart … you can’t develop rapid vaccines, and then give them to billions of people, because you will never have enough safety data to allow you to know whether that was a good bet or not. And without that data, it’s reckless. Don’t do it.”

Another thing that can be learned from the COVID-19 debacle, according to Yeadon, is that nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), such as masks, lockdowns, border closures, and population mass testing, were also ineffective at stopping the spread of the disease. In 2019, a paper by WHO scientists demonstrated that most NPIs were ineffective at halting the spread of respiratory viruses.

“Of course, many of them have really serious side effects on the economy, psychology, social relationships and so on,” he noted.

Evidence of Supranational Coordination

Yeadon claimed that although “public health officials knew perfectly well those things didn’t work,” the fact that practically every country in the world adopted the same practices implies a coordinated campaign was under way. Yeadon asserted that this is the “strongest evidence of supranational coordination, something happening above the level of country,” and he wants people to know about it:

“They were doing it because there was pressure to do it … They did not oppose what was happening. That’s the most disappointing and frightening thing that why, why none of the scientists from Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Britain, why none of them, said, ‘You know, this is absurd.

I’m not doing this. And if you’re going to do it, I’m resigning, and then I shall go to the media.’ Either that didn’t happen or they tried to try this and BBC … said, ‘Well, we’re not interviewing you.’ That’s possible.

… There was a supranational agreement or pressure to do it. I don’t know whether that pressure was instantiated in spring of 2020, or whether they had already agreed to do it a few months ago, but either way, nobody spoke up. And as far as I know, nobody resigned even though what was being imposed on all of those countries was … ineffective and would damage their economies. That’s the kindest thing you can possibly say.”

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