Pentagon’s Leaked Docs Show Russia And China’s Reach In Latin America And The Caribbean

The leaked documents obtained by the Miami Herald from the Pentagon reveal the extent of Russia and China’s influence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A recent leak of U.S. classified intelligence reports appears to confirm what many Latin America and Caribbean watchers have warned about in recent years: Russia and China are trying to gain a foothold amid waning U.S. leadership.

Screenshots of some of those documents obtained by the Miami Herald show that Russian mercenaries were planning to pitch a plan to provide security in Haiti after months of unsuccessful negotiations led by the United States to form a multinational force to help tackle escalating armed gang violence in the Caribbean nation. They also reveal that the Russian government was trying to use Brazil’s offer to mediate in the war the Kremlin launched against Ukraine to its advantage. Also, according to the highly classified documents, China is benefiting from the Russia-Ukraine war in countries like Nicaragua, where Moscow is a key security partner.

On Monday, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said President Joe Biden was briefed late last week when the administration “first got word that there were some documents out there.” Asked if there were more documents circulating and if they believed the leak had been contained, Kirby said, “We don’t know. We truly don’t know.”

Kirby refused to address if the leaked documents had any impact on U.S. intelligence-gathering efforts in Russia, telling reporters “I won’t speak to intelligence collection one way or another, on any given day.”

“As I said, U.S. officials have been in touch with relevant allies and partners, given some of these disclosures over the last few days. And we’ll continue to have those conversations as appropriate,” he said.

A senior Biden administration official said that Ukraine war plans have been leaked, which has prompted a Pentagon investigation.

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