General Public Unaware Of Push To Normalize Pedophilia In Culture And Academia: Counselor

Jon Uhler, a counsellor who works in the Pennsylvania and South Carolina prison systems, said that the general public is unaware of the push to normalise paedophilia in culture and academia.

General Public Unaware Of Push To Normalize Pedophilia In Culture And Academia: Counselor 1

When Colorado mom Lydia Lerma hears the hip new term “minor-attracted person,” she feels punched. She hurts just thinking about what a paedophile did to her son, who was six at the time.

She is furious at having to invent a nice-sounding term for someone who has a sexual attraction to children.

Lerma called any attempt to normalise paedophilia or label it as a different sexual orientation that should be accepted “unconscionable.”

“That’s a bunch of [expletive]!” she said of academics pushing acceptance of pedophilia.

“They are going to face the greatest resistance that they have ever seen. Society is not going to let that happen.”

However, some have started to make the case in academic circles that paedophilia should not be classified as a mental disease but rather as just another sexual preference.

Additionally, a therapist who works with paedophiles expressed his opinion that paedophilia is in the process of normalisation.

‘Like Any Other Sexual Orientation’

At a TEDx event held at the University of Würtzberg in Germany in 2018, medical student Mirjam Heine, who claimed to have a background in psychology, delivered a talk titled “Pedophilia is a Natural Sexual Orientation.” According to a TEDx programme guide, she was primarily inspired by the writings of Prof. Dr. Klaus Michael Beier, the director of the University Hospital Berlin’s institute for sexology and sexual medicine, and the prevention network “Kein Täter Werden.”

Heine said that, like heterosexuality, paedophilia is a “unchangeable sexual orientation” in her remarks.

“No one chooses to be a pedophile; no one can cease being one,” Heine argued during her talk. “The difference between pedophilia and other sexual orientations is that living out this sexual orientation will end in a disaster.”

The majority of countries, including the United States, forbid adults from having sex with children in most situations.

Professor Allyn Walker’s usage of the phrase “minor-attracted person” in a talk about paedophilia in November 2021 made news. Talking about her book, “A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity,” was Walker, a woman who transitioned to live as a man.

Walker claimed in an interview with the Prostasia Foundation, a San Francisco-based group dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse, that it is less stigmatising to refer to those “who don’t act on their urges to have sex with children” as minor-attracted persons rather than paedophiles.

Critics of the interview were vehement. Within a few weeks, Walker’s position as an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at Virginia’s Old Dominion University was terminated.

General Public Unaware Of Push To Normalize Pedophilia In Culture And Academia: Counselor 2
American singer Cardi B is showcased as the face of the Balenciaga fashion brand on a billboard on a wall of the Louvre museum in Paris on Sept. 1, 2020.

Growing Cultural Acceptance

Following the release of an ad featuring young girls holding a teddy bear wearing bondage gear, the fashion label Balenciaga has recently been under fire. One advertisement displays pages from a child pornography court’s ruling. Later, Balenciaga issued an apology for the advertisement.

“Downstate” is a play about paedophiles, according to the Washington Post’s theatre review headline from November. Additionally brilliant The off-Broadway play depicts paedophiles as complex, troubled, and the targets of harsh penalty.

General Public Unaware Of Push To Normalize Pedophilia In Culture And Academia: Counselor 3
Jon Uhler, a therapist who interviews sex offenders in prison.

In the Pennsylvania and South Carolina prison systems, Jon Uhler has served as a counsellor for 30 years. He has assessed a large number of paedophiles during the course of his career.

The Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) member Uhler expressed concern that paedophilia is moving toward normalisation.

According to him, specialists who work with sex offenders are now trained to see them as trauma victims.

According to Uhler, the theory is that by picking a victim who is the same age as when they were molested, paedophiles are reliving their trauma. But that’s not true, he continued.

Instead of comprehending that they are dealing with the “world’s greatest deceivers,” Uhler claimed that researchers are taking information from interviews with paedophiles and accepting it as fact.

Nevertheless, he said that Walker’s theories are widely used in sex offender treatment circles. Walker gave a speech at the ATSA conference this year.

Creating a Protected Class

Normalizing paedophilia ultimately could lead to a major cultural change—elevating paedophilia to a protected class.

According to Uhler, “they are going to push to have it recognised as a sexual orientation, which would grant it civil rights status.”

If that takes place, paedophiles would no longer be subject to employment-related discrimination, he claimed.

It might also help make it legal for paedophiles to act on their sexual inclinations if children are given the legal liberty to choose whether they want to have a sex-change operation or take hormones to try to seem as the other sex, according to him.

According to him, paedophiles could claim that children should be able to consent to a sexual relationship if they are legally allowed to chose what they can do with their bodies.

“They’re jackals that are feeding off the carcasses of these kids,” he said. “The predator’s interest is ultimately lowering the age of consent.”

Moving Toward Decriminalizing Pedophilia

Looking back at how homosexuality came to be acknowledged as an orientation may provide insight into what might occur, said to Florida attorney Jeff Childers, who has fought against mask requirements and assisted parents who resist sexualization in schools.

Childers stated that after homosexuality was accepted, sodomy restrictions were abolished.

“That’s how it went for homosexuality. I will bet you a steak dinner the pedophiles have observed how it went for gay people,” he said.

General Public Unaware Of Push To Normalize Pedophilia In Culture And Academia: Counselor 4
Florida attorney Jeff Childers in his Gainesville office on Oct. 12, 2021.

Therefore, he continued, if paedophiles develop sexual orientation, they could campaign to decriminalise sex between minors and adults.

A rule granting judges discretion when deciding whether those who engage in gay sex with minors can register as sex offenders was expanded by California’s Senate Bill 145, which was passed in 2020.

Judges were given similar discretion under a prior California law passed in 1944, but only when the crime involved vaginal sex with a minor. In the past, judges had the power to prevent someone from registering if they were no more than ten years older than the minor.

As a result, a 24-year-old who engages in sexual activity with a 14-year-old may be able to avoid being listed on the sex offender registry under statutory rape laws.

At every turn, people must battle the problem of normalising paedophilia, according to Childers. Or it might abruptly become legal.

No Gentle Words

In 2018, Lerma’s fight for her son’s justice gained attention when she found the man who had access to the child while living at her ex-house husband’s and had been abusing him. He disappeared after being arrested, freed on bond, and then arrested again.

On the basis of a tip, Lerma went to Mexico and discovered him in a supermarket parking lot. Because of her success in discovering Andrew Vanderwal, he was apprehended and found guilty of abusing both her son and another kid.

When she first saw him in Ciudad Cuauhtemoc from her rented car, she distinctly recalls trembling.

“It was this absolute rage, and like I could get out and kill him,” she recalled.

She claimed that it would be inappropriate to use kind words to describe the man who so severely injured her son.

She added that even if a paedophile has experienced sexual molestation, it still does not give them the right to prey on children. She was a victim of sexual abuse in her youth but didn’t become an offender, she said.

Now, she assists parents in tracking down criminals who are eluding justice through her work with the Lydia Lerma Foundation. And she shares pictures of the fugitives she is pursuing around the world via social and professional networks.

Because it entails an imbalance of power between a child and an adult, she said that paedophilia shouldn’t be regarded as a sexual orientation.

“It’s an abusive situation,” she said. “There’s no equality there. There’s no consent there. I don’t care how they try to spin it.”

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  2. The “Slow Legalized Pedophilia Boil”
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    Put a frog into boiling water and the frog will jump out.
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    “The “Slow Legalized Pedophilia Boil”
    Before: Pedophilia is a Criminalized Perversion
    Now: Pedophilia is a Disorder, not a Crime
    Later: Pedophilia is a Sexual Orientation
    I suspect the PizzaGate and PedoGate Scandals were “revealed,” to bring Pedophilia into the Public Consciousness and Desensitize the Public because slowly, Pedophilia is going to be legalized as a Sexual Orientation and an “Orientation” which you cannot discriminate against just as you cannot discriminate now against Homosexuality or Transgenderism.

    I also suspect the Globalists Elite did not quite expect the Global uproar and Army of Citizen Journalists delving deep into the PizzaGate and PedoGate Scandals. To counter that response, the Mainstream Media and paid Operatives were used to Discredit and “Debunk” the PizzaGate and PedoGate Scandals as Fake and will try and capitalize on this false narrative to impose and legislate censorship of the Alternative Media and Citizen Journalists.

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    Q. What is a Pedophile?
    A. a Pedophile is just a “Minor-Attracted Person” or MAP.

    In a 2014 New York Times Opinion piece, Pedophilia was declared to be “a Disorder not a Crime”:
    “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime
    by MARGO KAPLAN, OCT. 5, 2014 ”

    “Pedophilia a Disorder” is just an interim step. See here:
    Q. When is a Sexual Perversion NOT a Sexual Perversion?
    A. When it’s reclassified as a Sexual Orientation.
    “Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says not only is all hell breaking loose after the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, but we’re on the fast track to legalizing “12 new perversions,” including Pedophilia and Bestiality.”
    “We’ve already found a secret memo coming out of the Justice Department,” DeLay said. “They’re now going to go after 12 new perversions, things like Bestiality, Polygamy, having sex with little boys and making that legal.”

    “Legalizing Sexual Child Abuse: Pedophilia Now Classified As A Sexual Orientation”

    Pedophilia Symbols & Codes which enable Pedophiles to covertly recognize each other

    Pedophilia is Global and there are many Groups publicly supporting and advocating for Pedophile “Rights”.
    List of Pedophile and Pederast Advocacy Organizations By Country

    Protect Your Children. Trust No One. No One includes relatives and close friends.

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