Patch Of ‘Cobblestone Pavement’ Found At The Bottom Of Pacific Ocean

A video uploaded on Youtube of footage captured by the Nautilus exploration vessel shows a patch of cobblestone pavement at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean close to Hawaii.

Patch Of 'Cobblestone Pavement' Found At The Bottom Of Pacific Ocean 1

The murky ocean depths of our own planet also have a fair share of mysteries and strange sights that may be difficult to explain – or at least initially – while some scientists investigate the secrets of distant planets and deep space.

The crew of the Nautilus exploration vessel found one such event on the ocean floor in the Pacific Ocean close to Hawaii.

The team came across a feature that looked much like a cobblestone road while exploring the Liliuokalani Ridge, a region of the Papahnaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

It is highly unlikely that the feature was created by humans, even if the researchers joked that they had discovered a “yellow brick road” or even “the road to Atlantis.”

Instead, as CNET notes, the pattern they observed was probably the result of “heating and cooling cycles” related to nearby volcanic eruptions.

Whatever the case, the find is undoubtedly an unusual sight, and it is by no means the only anomaly that can be found at the bottom of Earth’s oceans.

Watch the video below:

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  1. I’d be surprised if some Tibetan monastery doesn’t have an explanation squirreled away, waiting for better days. IMHO ancient Indian and Chinese history has not received enough attention.

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