Parents More Likely To Question Routine Childhood Vaccinations Post-COVID

According to research commissioned by the federal government and conducted by Ekos Research Associates, parents are more likely to question routine childhood vaccinations post-COVID.

Canadian parents have become more likely to question routine childhood vaccinations since the pandemic, according to research.

Immunization rates “have declined since COVID-19” according to research commissioned by the federal government and conducted by Ekos Research Associates. The resulting report, “Childhood Vaccination Marketing Campaign Survey 2022,” was delivered to Health Canada on Feb. 15, 2023, and was first obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter.

“This public opinion research will inform the development of the new multi-year Childhood Vaccination marketing strategy to promote the safety, effectiveness, and importance of vaccines,” the report said.

Only 39 percent of respondents said they accept all recommended childhood vaccines and have no doubts or concerns about vaccinating their child—a drop from 48 percent in 2017.

One in three parents (33 percent) indicated they accept government-recommended vaccines, but have “minor doubts and concerns.”

Another five percent of parents said they are going along with childhood vaccines but “have many doubts and concerns.”

Nearly 20 percent of parents said they have refused or delayed getting vaccines for their children, and another 3 percent have refused all vaccines. These two numbers combined have doubled from 12 percent in 2017 to 22 percent in 2022, said the research.

Those who had doubts and concerns about vaccinations cited side effects as the most prevalent concern (42 percent), followed by allergic reactions (29 percent), lack of testing (29 percent), and distrust of the pharmaceutical industry (28 percent).

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